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The Truth About Charles Taylor

• DAV rating • Taylor's Indian Betrayal • CAFTA • National Park crisis •Forest Service budget cuts • Flight 93 flip-flop • Ethics

Taylor implicated in Abramoff influence-peddling schemes: Emails obtained by the Associated Press implicate North Carolina Congressman Charles Taylor (R-11) in a complex scheme with several other congressmen and senators to benefit one of convicted felon Jack Abramoff’s clients . . .

Officials closely tied to Taylor's Savings & Loan convicted of fraud, money laundering: In 2001, two close political and business associates of North Carolina Rep. Charles Taylor (R-11) pled guilty and were convicted of bank fraud and conspiracy to money laundering involving loans of $2.27 million . . .

Taylor wields congressional influence to reap profits in Russia:

Blue Review

Case of the Mondays? Life around here completely failed to grind to a halt for the three-day weekend. If you have a life, here's what you missed:

  • Martha Snead has organized an impressive amount of information on Charles Taylor into a few handy blog posts; start here.
  • Rory Blake, the man who plans to send Howard Coble packing in November, stopped by for an interview.
  • YT posted a series on the House subcommittee healthcare recommendations that we'll be hearing so much about in the coming legislative session.
  • BlueNC unleashed a new feature—NC News Wire—that will let bloggers place a feed of NC news on their own websites.
  • Finally, we had a family feud over Cindy Sheehan, proving that we are not message-obsessed automatons.

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Vernon "the Beav" Robinson

With all the enthusiasm for putting an end to the joke that is Charles Taylor, it's easy to forget that there are other odious characters in the Republican tent worth keeping an eye on. There's Robin "Flip Flop" Hayes, of course, who has stood by the Bush Family Crime ring through sick and sin - cashing in his votes for favor with Herr Rove. And then there's this nutcase who's challenging Brad Miller for no discernible reason except to feed his pathetic ego and spew hate. That Republicans would be comfortable with such a cretin in their ranks is embarrassing enough. But to have a cretin who produced this commercial (you may have to scroll down) is truly creepy -- which is all you need to know about the state of the Republican party these days.


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