NC-08: I Challenge Rep. Hayes to Call in Those 'Presidential Favors' for Our Struggling Seniors

"Flat-out, completely, horizontally opposed to CAFTA..."

That was our current Representative's promise to North Carolina's 8th District last summer in the weeks, days and hours leading up to his 'Yea' vote to send our working families’ livelihoods south of the border as he crumbled to Presidential arm-twisting.

Now when our struggling seniors are facing a Monday deadline to avoid the Privatization Tax this President and Republican-led Congress sought to impose on our most vulnerable with its Medicare Prescription boondoggle, its past time for Robin Hayes to call in those promised favors for his trade flip-flop.


I found that outside the time that I want and need to spend at BlueNC, I didn't much feel like maintaining a personal blog. At least, not one where I have to write stuff. To that end, I killed the Movable Type blog (which lives on in database land and at a secure undisclosed URL) and replaced it with a new photoblog (but at the old location: The old blog had become sort of a photoblog anyway, and this new one looks much nicer.

I just added it to the NC Blog Index. If you haven't posted yours there yet, give it a shot.

Shuler Ahead of Taylor in New Poll

I'll have more analysis on this later

Charles Taylor’s vulnerability has only increased in the last three months. Negative press stories continue to hurt his personal popularity, while the national political environment becomes more and more treacherous for Republicans. While challenger Heath Shuler has nearly doubled his favorable rating, Taylor’s personal popularity, job rating and re-elect measure all continue to worsen. Taylor’s troubles have turned the race into a statistical dead heat, with Shuler holding a slight lead.

• Shuler now leads Taylor by a 45% to 43% margin. Taylor held a small, seven-point lead in February (47% Taylor/40% Shuler). A torrent of negative press stories connecting Taylor even closer to the Abramoff scandal and on his miscues on the 9-11 monument funding have has hurt Taylor’s standing with voters.

Town of Chapel Hill Forum on Municipal Networking

On Thursday May 18 the Chapel Hill Town Council will host a public forum on Municipal Wireless Networking. The event will be from 7 to 9PM and be held at Town Hall, 405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. All citizens are invited to attend.

The event will be moderated by Shannon Schelin, Ph.D. of the Institute of Government at UNC. She will also make a presentation. Other speakers include Casey Lide of Baller Herbst in Washington, DC, Lynda Goff, Executive Director of WinstonNet in Winston-Salem, NC, Ray Reitz, Chief Technology Officer of Chapel Hill Carrboro School System, and Chad Johnston, Executive Director of The People’s Channel. For more information about the speakers please see the Town event webpage. There will be time at the end of the event for questions and answers. If you can't make it in person you can watch the event on Public Access channel 18.

Walter Jones (NC-03): Onward Christian Soldiers

Walter Jones, the Republican Representative in North Carolina's 3rd Congressional District has just sent a big F*%# You to non-Christians serving in our military forces.

"We felt there needed to be a clarification" of the rules "because there is political correctness creeping into the chaplains corps," said Rep. Walter B. Jones (R-N.C.). "I don't understand anyone being opposed to a chaplain having the freedom to pray to God in the way his conscience calls him to pray."

Today's Washington Post carries a story that will surely slip under the radar with everything else going on in the country. I was going to save it for our Sunday series until I saw that our very own Walter Jones was quoted in the article.

More below the fold....

Bush Approval Rating 29% Harris Interactive WSJ

This didn't take very long did it? Here's a link to a free feature at the WSJ. If this link takes you to a login, do a search for Harris Interactive in your browser window. A link to the Wall Street Journal should show in your results. This is a free feature. I am not getting you around a firewall. Cheating is for Republicans.

Nixon was facing impeachment proceedings before his approval rating dropped this low, wasn't he?


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