Castration without malice

You think I'm kidding, right? I wish I were. This just in from news reports flying around the internets, courtesy of good ol' mountain boys right here in No' Cackalacky.

At least six men came to western North Carolina, some from as far away as South America, to have their genitals mutilated in what police described Friday as a sadomasochistic "dungeon." Three men have been charged with illegal castration in the case, Haywood County Sheriff Tom Alexander and District Attorney Michael Bonfoey said. The sheriff and prosecutor said the victims were willing participants in the procedures.

North Carolina 25th in Taxes Charged

With conservatives always clamoring over being overtaxed by the state, including three of the Civitas Foundation's seven goals for this year being elimination of one tax or another, it is always important to take a deep breath of reality. As the Triangle Business Journal reports today, North Carolina is 25th in the nation in how much tax they charge residents:

North Carolinians paid $2,146.68 per capita in state taxes last year, enough to earn the state a 25th ranking among all 50 states. The state ranked 25th in 2004 as well.

Heath Shuler concerned over Job's while Taylor runs Art Contest!

Congressional candidate Heath Shuler Thursday toured the Industrial Opportunities Inc. (IOI) manufacturing plant in Andrews and spoke about the need to expand manufacturing opportunities in western North Carolina.
Shuler, a Democrat running against incumbent Republican Charles Taylor for North Carolina's 11th District, spent Thursday visiting different sites in Cherokee County. Besides IOI, he went to many area restaurants, Murphy Medical Center and attended the Appalachian Homebuilders Association meeting.
"There aren't many of us left in town," IOI representative Dennis Myers said of manufacturing plants. "Most of the sewing has gone south."

Quirky North Carolina Law Leaves Dunn on Ballot

Despite the fact that Tim Dunn quit campaigning for Congress in the 8th district and endorsed his opponent, Larry Kissell, his name will appear on the ballot in May's primary. This is due to the fact that North Carolina law does not allow qualified candidates to quit a race. Congressional Quarterly detailed the problem:

State election law dictates that candidates who have filed and qualified to run cannot remove their names from the primary ballot once the filing deadline passes. That occurred on Feb. 28.

Freedom is on the (last day of) March

A diarist at Kos has started up $5 Friday to drum up last minute contributions on this last day of the first quarter filings. If you haven't reached into your pockets to support our good Democratic candidates (and incumbents), this would be a most excellent time to do so. Purty please? Give to Larry Kissell. Give to Heath Shuler. Give to David Price. Give to Brad Miller. I'm having trouble finding the campaign site for Mel Watt. Come on, folks. Show 'em a little (or a lot of) love.


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