Guess Who Was in DC This Weekend?

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to actually get inside the Cannon HOB to slap one of those stickers on the placard just outside of Room 339. This will have to do.

It was a narrow escape - I was able to slap several more of these around the Cannon and duck into the Capitol South Metro in the nick of time before Capitol Police had any idea what hit them. Unfortunately, as several concerned citizens are aware, these stickers are very easy to peel off - nearly 100% of them that we've applied to downtown Asheville have disappeared within hours of their application. In fact, if you look closely at this pic, you can see that DC's humid climate already started to peel the damn thing off automatically! I need to have a word with the printer...

It's Climate Change Week at BlueNC

Ok, I just unilaterally declared it "Climate Change Week," which I guess makes me a decider.

It's going to be a while before we get real action out of the US Congress on climate change, but the states can move faster and, in some cases, more effectively to curb carbon emissions and encourage the small lifestyle changes that can make a big difference. All week this week I'm going to be bugging you to take some political Viagra and get it on w/r/t NC action on climate change. All week. So you might as well give in and spend five minutes on this today.

Here's what I'm asking.

1. Figure out who represents you in the NC House and Senate (there will be one person in each chamber). It doesn't matter if they're (D) or (R); we want to hear what they have to say.

2. Drop them a line. (Click here to write your representative in the NC House; click here to write your NC Senator.) Here's a suggested email: "If you're back for the 2007 legislative session, what will you do to make NC a leader in the effort to slow global warming?"

3. Share. Come back here and tell us about your email and any responses in the comments. Then click the "email this page" link here or at the bottom of this post and send a link to this post to your friends.

To Futher Prove Anglico's Point.........

And there probably are those out there who will say ,"Shit! Here go's Dan again" but I am gonna say this anyhow whether they approve of it or not!

Anglico & momoazio are dead on, Hitting the nail on the head with what they are saying! NO BS!, JUST PURE PLAN FACTS! So clear a 2nd grader could understand! So come alive out there people, Wake Up!! We are all Members of the Democratic party no matter how we slice the pie.

And that my friends is what this nation was founded upon. The Democratic principles of a Democratic party of men who saw fit to fight and bring us out from under the yoke of tyranny. Usually , I wont mix religion with politics, but in this case I will. So if I should make you disgruntled you know where to find me. I don’t have nothing to hide either. You ask and I will lay the truth out right before you.

A Call to Arms

Hi friends!

I just got back from a day of church and visiting folks, and wanted to say hello before the week gets started again.

I'm traveling quite a bit around the district now, meeting new and old friends, bringing our message of hope straight to the people of the 8th District. Just yesterday, our team had a wonderful time at the Peach Festival. Tina and I got to walk in the parade beforehand, and the response was just inspiring.

I'm sorry my opponent couldn't attend, but as DC's House Race Hotline reports, we have him on the run now, hiding his association with President Bush.

Economic exclusivity ...

it's not just for Cary any more.

My first blog entry here at bluenc is about a trend happening in the real estate development approval process in Johnston County. Below the fold is part of an email I recently sent Ms. Sherry Altman, Democratic candidate for NC Senate District 12, on the issue. I decided to post this partial letter here to get some of y'all's thoughts on the matter as a whole.

More below the fold ...


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