Drinking Liberally Tonight!

I've long been jealous of Screwy's Asheville Drinking Liberally posts. He always comes up with the best reasons to sit down for a beer—because Bush's numbers are down, or to escape the moronitude that is the Republican congress, etc. I've given up any hope that I can compete in style, skill, or straight up moxie, so I offer this: if this is your first Chapel Hill Drinking Liberally meeting, I want to buy you a beer. Seriously. Also, Rory Blake, candidate for the 6th Congressional District seat now occupied by Howard Coble is going to try to stop by, and Sally Green of the Chapel Hill Town Council is going to come if she can get away from a forum in time. So come! Tyler's Taproom, in the Speakeasy (in the back) at 7pm in Carrboro.

One Board to Rule Them All

I was going to make a crack in the title of this post about foxes and hen-houses, but Judge Farmer beat me to it. Farmer is a long time superior court judge and former state legislator who was appointed by Governor Easley to head his ethics boar. He has some ideas about ethics reforms in the state, and Easley thinks they're good ones.

One of them is that there should be a single ethics board to oversee all branches of NC government (except judges, covered by another board). NC legislators: "But why, when we're doing such a great job of policing ourselves?"

The View From Where I Sit.

Cross posted from The North State Fighting Veteran's Advocate @ http://northstatefreedomblog.blogspot.com/

By Daniel Siler
North State Fighting Veterans Advocate

The view from where I sit is sort of grim some days. On some days it goes from medium Gray to dark Black. In my position I get a first hand look at how some Proud ,Honorable Men & Women heeded the call to serve their nation. They didn’t resist or run away. They stood firm and gave meaning to the words Duty,Honor,Country.

Due to the Privacy Act & confidentiality I cannot mention anyone or their needs that has passed through my office , I have been proud to be of service to 56 Veterans since April 14,2006. It has been my Honor to serve them.

This is happening in my hometown! I am proud of it! But suprised Taylor hasnt tryed to stick his nose in it!

Born-again river brings big water to WNC
Cheoah River, dammed 80 years ago, gets new life
by Karen Chávez, KCHAVEZ@CITIZEN-TIMES.com
published May 11, 2006 12:15 am

Richard Schulz was looking for an icy cold shot of adrenaline last weekend. The 62-year-old retiree from Vero Beach, Fla. — with time and money on his hands — has enjoyed a life of adventurous travel, hang-gliding and shooting rapids on rivers from Colorado to Costa Rica.

When he heard about the first-ever rafting runs on the Cheoah River through the Nantahala National Forest near Robbinsville, he had to add the feat to his high-octane recreational resume.

NC-11 Just Got More Competitive

At least, according to the National Journal's 2006 House Race Rankings. The mountain bout moved up the list from the 25th spot to number 16 (I feel like Casey Kasem).

Taylor's opposition to federal funding for the Flight 93 memorial could prove damaging. He's facing a formidable challenger in former Skins quarterback Heath Shuler, who met with D.C. pundits this week and, to his credit, used fewer sports clichés than George Allen.

A Different Angle on year-Round Schools: Education Benefits


Fast growing school districts in North Carolina are faced with the obstacle of over flowing classrooms and not enough space to teach our children. Drive by any school in the Triangle and you sill see mobile units being used as classrooms on a daily basis. The growth issue has caused many to propose year-round schooling. Besides the money issues being made, there are numerous educational benefits for year-round schools.

The world in which we live is changing at such a rapid pace that today’s technological innovations could become tomorrow’s antique collection. In order to prepare our nation’s students for the fast paced economy, it is essential that schools begin to embrace a calendar that goes beyond the traditional requirement of 180 days of instruction.

Robin Hayes, NC-08: The Impotence of One

Robin Hayes is learning a tough lesson in Washington. It stinks to belong to the party in power and yet, have none of your own. It must be lonely walking the halls of Congress knowing that you've been used and abused like an inflatable party doll. But that's not stopping Robin Hayes. Not at all.

As reported in The Charlotte Observer, on May 9th, Robin Hayes held a press conference at a gas station outside of his district in Charlotte, NC and filled his SUV with E85 while at the same time announcing he would introduce a bill to offer tax incentives for businesses that develop facilities to sell E85. Good for Robin.

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