Virginia Foxx, Howard Coble, Sue Myrick, Patrick McHenry and Nebraska

I was just reading a story over at Kos about Nebraska and it really pissed me off. This from the story at Kos.

The Omaha World Herald is now reporting that Democrat Scott Kleeb, a rancher with a PhD from Yale on International Relations, has taken the lead in the COH race against his Republican opponent, State Sen. Adrian Smith in the open seat contest in NE-03. Taken the lead by a lot, actually. According to the article, Smith currently has a warchest of $105,000, while Kleeb has nearly three time as much in the bank: $277,000. And this is in the sixth most Republican district in the entire country.

FEC Filing Frenzy - Update II

The reports are in so let the spin begin.

It's no secret that I love digging through FEC reports, polls, vote records and other fun data to try to see if I can find something to talk about. I've been waiting for July 15 since the day after the last reports were filed. I don't think there's a cure. Enough about my sickness....let's talk money.

First, let's just say the grand total raised by camp Kissell was a tad disappointing - only because I wanted to see them with more. Update: No, let's not say it's disappointing! In individual contributions Larry compares favorably to most of the other candidates...I must remember to FINISH that second cuppa before I delve too deeply into these reports. I will continue the comparisons of other NC Dems and have a list up shortly. I don't think it's fair to compare Larry to other challengers across the country. I'm sticking to NC candidates.

Also, if you look at where Beth Troutman (Hayes' opponent in '04) was at this time, you'll see it isn't so disappointing in comparison. She had raised less than $70K total. She wound up with over $225K, so this should give you an idea of what lies ahead for Larry and that is not only encouraging - it's exciting. I'm predicting he'll easily see $350K in the next filing and will be well over $500K by the election.

More details below the fold....

I may be Adopted, But this is a Tribute to my Brother Anglico!

I may be adopted ,and not know nothing of my real family from the Winston - Salem /Grensboro Area. But in the past 48 hours, I have found a given, a for sure something in this world.Something I have been looking for and needing for a long while to feel complete. I have found a brother,2 in fact, although not actually related, I have found me 2 Brothers in Lance & Anglico. So it is to these 2 new brothers I dedicate this tribute. Just forget you saw the airport sign in it, No way to remove it. But Ang, Lance, this is for you! Dan da Viper

You have seen many of these photos before ... turn up the sound.

What's On Your iPod?

The light-weight blogging continues, this time as an interactive post. Here's what to do: break out whatever you use to listen to music on (mp3 player, computer, whatever) and look at the last ten tracks you played. (Anglico, we'll excuse you if you need a few minutes to see which of your phonogrammohpone discs you used last.) Then post the last ten tracks in the comments. Feel free to eliminate multiple tracks by the same artists, if you want.

The wrong man. The wrong party. The wrong time.

In case you haven't noticed, the world is going to hell in a handbasket right now. World War III is brewing in the Middle East. Climate change is accelerating toward a dangerous tipping point. And the global economy has been weakened beyond relief by US deficit spending.

The tragedy of war will be Bush's doing, pure and simple. He started the terrible ball rolling with his preemptive invasion in Iraq - and he is apparently too stupid or too stubborn to reconsider his error in judgment. Even worse, the Republicans from North Carolina, who are supposed to represent our interests in Congress, have become mindless lapdogs, Bushbots in the most dangerous sense, unwilling and unable to put common good ahead of partisanship.

Jesus is a Swing Voter

Sticking with the theme of unexpected allies, evangelical Christians may turn out to be one of the strongest political forces to pressure the Bush administration to get serious about climate change. A recent survey of evangelicals showed that almost 75% support causes to reduce global warming and 70% believe global warming will pose a serious threat to future generations. 50% even said that steps to curb climate change need to be taken today even if there is a high economic cost. Evangelicals felt strongly that God has commanded humanity to take care of the earth and that government and business care too much about money.

Calling President Clinton

The last three mornings I have woke and viewed the further escolation of the crisis gripping the Middle East. Each side has dug in and is prepared to take the next step that may lead to an all out war in this modern day powderkeg. War in the Middle East would put United States soldiers in Iraq in the middle of a crisis which has no clear cut end. This situation is so dangerous that we may be witnessing the dawning of World War III.

Throughout the week, I have watched as the Bush Administration, and its incompetent Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice, fumbled the ball on dealing with the situation. The administration appears to be at a loss for plans on how to end this crisis peacefully. It is because of the administration's lack of a foreign policy strategy that I write this blog in hope that someone influential will read it and give my suggestion to the President.


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