Kos on the radio

I got an e-mail from someone who is producing The State of Things on WUNC 91.5 FM tomorrow (5/9/06) with Markos Moulitsas and Jerome Armstrong on their Crashing the Gate book tour. She wasn't sure if she wanted to talk to me about some local context for blogging or to have me on the show.

Everyone, including national bloggers like Markos, talks about the importance of local politics, but not a lot of folks are doing anything about it. I suggested to the producer that she contact Lance from Blue NC as well, since that's more relevant than dailyKOS. At this point, she hasn't even called me. So don't look for a lot of local relevance on the radio tomorrow, I guess.

Three U.S. House Races to Watch in the Carolinas

According to Tim Funk of The Charlotte Observer, there are only three races to watch from the Carolinas where the U.S. House of Representatives is concerned. Fortunately, one of them is the Kissell v. Hayes race in the 8th Congressional District in North Carolina.

Find out which races are being watched on the flip side...

A Weekend of Progressive Politics

Hola Blogophiles, I've been away from the 'sphere this weekend, instead meeting up with Progressive leaders first at the Crashing the Gate book signing then at the Democracy for America Grassroots Training. You can read my coverage of Markos Moulitsas (DailyKos) and Jerome Armstrong (MyDD) at BlogAsheville.

Blogging tidbit from DFA training

A friend who attended the Asheville DFA training told me that there's no empiricle evidence that blogging does anything to increase voter turnout. Apparently, many bloggers don't even vote themselves.

So, the DFA is encouraging all political bloggers to commit to voting and to commit to getting five other people to vote. Should we consider that pledge? It's called "Arrive with Five."

I'm already in negative numbers because a friend who spent the weekend with me just "unregistered" himself as a protest!

Another Corrupt Republican Goes Down

After Tony Rudy's plea last month I quit watching to see how this case was progressing. I was a bit surprised to see this news in The Washington Post this morning. Neil Volz, Staffer #2, pled guilty to conspiracy charges in the scandals linked to lobbyists Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon.

Volz was Bob Ney's (Representative #1) chief of staff. Volz requested and received many gifts from Abramoff. These included tickets to sporting events, dinners and golf outings. Volz concealed the gifts by simply failing to report them.

Yessssss Master

Art Pope's ongoing palace coup has stirred up a firestorm of concern among those of us interested in keeping corporate money out of North Carolina elections, and I guess the Puppetmaster must be feeling the heat. Because today he sent his stage manager out into the Internets with more revisionist history, painting the Master as the source of all things good and honest. As usual, John Hood is right, and everybody else is wrong.

It should be obvious that the prevailing take on Tuesday’s balloting among capital city political circles makes no sense. It does not comport with Pope’s history of participating in bipartisan coalitions in the General Assembly and helping to form and fund cross-ideological coalitions in the public policy community. And it does not explain why Republicans with differing views on a variety of hot-button issues – abortion, immigration, school choice, and economic incentives, just to name a few – were in agreement that Richard Morgan and his faction had sabotaged their party’s prospects and the integrity of the legislative process in alliance with ethically challenged House Speaker Jim Black.


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