Freedom is on the (last day of) March

A diarist at Kos has started up $5 Friday to drum up last minute contributions on this last day of the first quarter filings. If you haven't reached into your pockets to support our good Democratic candidates (and incumbents), this would be a most excellent time to do so. Purty please? Give to Larry Kissell. Give to Heath Shuler. Give to David Price. Give to Brad Miller. I'm having trouble finding the campaign site for Mel Watt. Come on, folks. Show 'em a little (or a lot of) love.

NC State Senator Earns Conservation Award

Senator Charles W. Albertson was named the Legislator of the Year at the Governor’s Conservation Achievement Awards presented recently by the N.C. Wildlife Federation. Sen. Albertson was among a group of 18 individuals and organizations honored for their work supporting North Carolina’s conservation efforts.

The New Bern Sun Journal

Dean Set To Testify!

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Former Nixon Counsel John Dean was announced as a witness before Friday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on a resolution to censure President Bush, according to a press release sent by Senator Russ Feingold (WI-Dem) to RAW STORY.

Along with Dean, former Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General Bruce Fein - under President Reagan - will also be testifying.

Although while White House Counsel, Dean played a major role in the Watergate scandal, he later became a "star witness" for the prosection (Wikipedia).

Senator Feingold's Press Release:

DNC's 50 State Canvass

Howard Dean is extending his fifty-state effort with a nationwide canvassing on April 29th. With the success of the North Carolina Democratic Congressional candidates linked to the fortunes of the national Democratic Party, and the success of taking back the house linked to Shuler and Kissell's ability to unseat Republicans, events like this will be hugely important in determining the direction of our country. Please visit the DNC's website to see how you can


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