Today's the big day for federal candidates

Today is the day when federal candidates have to submit their reports to the FEC. It's also close of second quarter, often considered a make or break day for challengers depending upon how much they have raised over the last quarter. The DCCC will have a keen eye on Shuler and Kissell, while I'm sure the Miller camp will be waiting for Robinson to file. Here's what I think we will see:

Shuler - Ole Heath reported over $500,000 on his last report, with over $300,000 raised through the quarter. I haven't been digging to determine if this is new (district) or institutional (DC) money, but it doesn't matter. The DCCC considers this a pickup and will throw everything and the kitchen sink at Charles Taylor. I expect the Shuler Warhorse to continue with this past quarter. My guess: $750,000+ cash on hand.

Chainsaw Pope

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With the State Board of Elections hearings scheduled for the end of August, the next six weeks will be a busy time for Art Pope and his defenders (such as our own troll Sock Rats). There will be lots of technical discussions about what the laws really say, what the laws really mean, and whether the Puppetmaster broke said laws by 'electioneering' in five key NC House of Representative races.

As you may recall, the Puppetmaster owns a 527 organization called Republican Legislative Majority. In the run up to the May primaries, RLM reports spending $188,205 to drop 300,000 direct mail pieces focused on these races:

Robin Hayes, It's Time to Stand Up for the 8th District

Robin Hayes will have another opportunity to stand up for the people who live in the 8th Congressional District when a free trade agreement with Oman is considered by the House of Representatives next week. Will Hayes stand against his party in order to protect the remaining textile firms and thousands of workers who live in his district or will he cut and run from his responsibility to the working people who are the backbone of this community?

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Early, Early, Early '08 Governor's Poll

Via Citizen with Bob Geary. Public Policy Polling released a poll on the '08 Democratic primary. The results:

Perdue leads Moore 36% to 23% among likely
Democratic primary voters. State Representative Bill Faison received support from 6% of survey respondents.

Way too early for any serious consideration of this poll, but fun anyway. Also, this seems to me to be a little of the media creating these candidates by continually pumping


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