Watergate, it's not

An editorial in the N&O does a decent job examining the screw up by the NC Ports Authority and Department of Transportation last week when they feted public officials at a Tall Ships party in Beaufort.

Watergate it's not. But this is a disgrace nonetheless, and those who participated owe their constituents, be they citizens whose mayors were there or those in legislative districts, a candid apology. And let's hope officials will have enough sense, the next time such a junket is proposed, to drop anchor on the notion.

Well, I'm back from my 4th duties!

Hello to all my favorite folks!!!! Well ,I have my 4th duties and Honor Guard assignments all caught up & over with. Still need to mow the lawn but it is raining right now @ 0533 in the morning. Had a wonderfull time and have some killer photos if someone smarter at this than me at doing it wants to post them. As I heard thru the drums in the forest that all of you had been so great & good while I was gone I thought I would post my weekly column from the local paper and allow it to tell you all about my 4th!...Dan

Veterans honored in best Heritage Festival program yet
By Daniel Siler


CNN is running MAJOR ESCALATION across it's webpage. If there are "acts of war" occuring, the Middle East could be in for a huge shakeup. This doesn't bode well for anyone.

As if more violence in the Middle East isn't enough, reports are already surfacing of Iran being invovled. Its beginning to feel alot like "weapons of mass destruction" are right around the corner...

The only thing that could make this situation better is for further instabilty in the Middle East to lead to a massive rise in oil prices, bringing $3.50 gallons of gas before the hurricanes can.

DCCC Misses a Great Opportunity

The DCCC announced their second round of red to blue candidates today and it appears they failed to recognize one district that is blue and for the first time in a while is going to vote that way.

The DCCC left NC's 8th CD Democratic candidate off the list. Maybe they know something we don't. After watching them in Washington for the past couple of years I'm thinking that's just not true. We know this state. We know this district. And, we know Larry Kissell.

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Use the Force

If John Hood is the Darth Vader of North Carolina, then Chris Fitzsimon of NC Policy Watch is Luke Skywalker - a good guy all around, smart, progressive, and in the know. If you're not reading his stuff regularly, you should be. His commentary on the three-ring ethics circus in the NC legislature is not to be missed.

If you are keeping score, that’s backward progress on the three essential parts of meaningful reform; banning gifts from lobbyists, forbidding lobbyists from raising money and limiting how much they can contribute, and establishing an independent ethics commission.


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