Who said it was a democrat by the name of JFK??

From CNN Interactive@ http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/cold.war/episodes/11/spotlight/ Dien Bien Phu 1954 battle changed Vietnam's history By Bruce Kennedy CNN Interactive It is seen by many military scholars as one of the great battles of the 20th century -- and a defining moment in the history of Southeast Asia. And yet the Battle of Dien Bien Phu receives rarely more than a passing mention in most history texts. After World War II, France was able to reinstall its colonial government in what was then known as Indochina. By 1946 a Vietnamese independence movement, led by communist Ho Chi Minh, was fighting French troops for control of northern Vietnam.

What Does $28,850 Buy You?

Maybe a new Camry with some money left over for gas? What if you were the oil and gas industry? And what if behind the cash register is, say, Virginia Foxx? Oh, well, in that case you get a vote against cracking down on price gouging and a vote for a GOP energy bill that gives billions to the oil, gas, and nuclear industries. And that's not all.

TaylorSucks.org update

A couple of quick updates:

- A primary "victory message" was added to the front page of TaylorSucks.org, where our friend Charles proceeds to rub John Armor's face in it big time and celebrates by voting "yes" on HR 4975

- A few new news updates, including details about the honorary doctorate degree that Western Carolina University is bestowing upon him, and the place where Jack Abramoff isn't sleeping.

- I got word that from the printer that hella-sexy TaylorSucks.org bumper stickers are actually sitting in a box somewhere in the 11th District, waiting for some brave soul to pick them up. As soon as that happens, whatever's left over after we slap them up all over Western North Carolina, we'll see about distributing via snail mail. Keep your eyes peeled for details.

Funnies From Screwy

Our own Screwy Hooley (notice,I'm claiming him as BlueNC's "own" - he existed loooong before we did!) does an amazing job at Scrutiny Hooligans. Here are just a few of the illustrations he and his fellow bloggers found to use with their posts. They are reprinted here completely without permission, however, each picture links to the blog post it was stolen from or to the front page.

After seeing that voter turnout in one precinct in Charlotte was .42% for Reps and .55% Dems, this picture really spoke to me. I think apathetic is a kind description. Pathetic is more like it.

More laughs on the flip side...

Gov. Easley to President Bush: "Stop Waiting and Start Helping."

I don't always agree with Mike Easley, but I find it hard to argue with the basic proposition that one job of the top executive is to provide leadership for the common good. In this case, Easley wants to freeze North Carolina's automatic gas tax increases ("Nobody ever anticipated that Washington would let gas prices get this high") and look elsewhere for some of the funds to maintain roads. We'll see what the General Assembly has to say when when they get back into town on Tuesday, but it's good to see Easley getting out front on this issue.

I got hit but good last night!

I will be sending you private Messages with my new e-mail addy.Please record this E-Mail. Last night I received some very terrable and upsetting ,untrue accusations against one of our own veterans & Legion members. That is all that will be said and no further comment given. Seems somebody decided to use Yahoo as their channel to get to my computer. Use this as it will be MY only contact address. As to why they wanted to hurt this vet I dont know.
I deleate all e-mail traffic copies sent & received twice daily and they are no files maintained on the computer as I keep vet info on disk and run maintence every 2 days. I had a friend who is a investigator with the Sheriff Dept look at the computer to comply it was clean. This person left a URL Address file all the way back thru Virigina though so as of now I turned all the copies of what I received to the SBI. If I didnt know better I would say it was a republican attack as it happened to one of my blogs which is no more.


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