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The campaign winds are blowing. Back in 2004, before the Swift Boat Vets emasculated John Kerry, we knew that the candidates we saw in June would be radically transmogrified by the Republican Noise Machine and the Democratic Party's complete misunderstanding of what they were up against. Without, in this space, getting into all the whys and wherefores of Kerry's narrow loss, know that the same winds are rising in the east.

Cherokee gets it

Targator posted an analysis of the economic damage being done by Republicans to working families and students, all the while providing more tax breaks to the wealth. Today, the little Cherokee Sentinel picks up the story too. When small papers like the Sentinel run stories like this, you can see the beginning of the end of the Republican reign of error.

More Flip-Floppin': Hayes Embarrassed to be Seen with Bush!

My battery is about to die, so I'll leave the analysis to you, dear readers. Here's the scoop: while Robin Hayes couldn't find the time to meet with President Bush publicly, sources have it that the two could get together when the cameras were off. The Charlotte Observer has the background here:

Rep. Robin Hayes, R-N.C., of Concord, would seem the likeliest candidate to join the president. But with a race in November, he's planning to be part of a few holiday parades in his district on July 4.

Why Tech Ed for Politicians is CRITICAL

An interesting conversation has insued over at Net Neutrality: We're Screwed, written by The Southern Dem. Its about the remarks of Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) concerning Net Neutrality and technology in general. He is so confused and misinformed its scary. Listen to the MP3.

I would like to offer my consulting services to ANY politician about technology. Just send me an email and I'll respond. I'll talk to you on the phone, come to your office. call you when ever you like, and speak to your staff too. I'm patient, polite, and won't talk down to you. Why do I want to do this? Because we need INFORMED representatives in the 21st century.

Boy Pundit Loses Marbles

Carter Wrenn, whiz kid of the wacko right, must have had too much to drink over the weekend. But I sure do hope the Republicans take his weird advice to heart.

Here’s my point: if Rep. Stam and the House Republicans want to stand up for the First Amendment, fine. But they should go a step further. They should require lobbyists – every time one makes a contribution or raises money for a legislator – to immediately disclose why.

For instance, if a lobbyist contributes to Representative John Doe the lobbyist should immediately disclose that he or she is also trying to get Representative Doe to vote for a $400,000 grant to, say, the Teapot Museum.


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