This Winger's Gone to Heaven

What happens when a person reaches pure right-wing outrage zen? I'm talking about the state of perfect indignant conniption that requires no object, a ranting madness just looking for something to fill in the blank: evolution, gay marriage, the First Amendment, whatever.

Take, for example, a woman who is mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore! That is, as soon as she figures out what "it" is.

Republicans and education

One of BlueNC's most endearing trolls wants to have a discussion about how much support Republicans have for public education. And the truth is, she and her Theocratic Minority are totally in favor of public education . . . as long as it's done just the way they want it. Take a look at the NC GOP platform and you'll see what I mean.

1. We believe in the value of maintaining a good system of public education. Good public education is impossible unless parents, not the state, have control of their children’s education.

Draft Easley?

I would do this as another forum, but instead just let me open up the floor for debate on this subject.

It's February 2007 and Mike Easley announces he is running for the U.S. Senate seat against Elizabeth Dole (who has also announced at this point).

What are your feelings?

Officials cruised on public dime

bumped and slightly expanded- RP

While thousands of visitors strained to see a festival of tall ships at Beaufort this month, more than 200 state and local officials enjoyed the views from a cruise aboard a state-owned ferry that was paid for partly by taxpayers...
A DOT spokesman, Ernie Seneca, said the cruise cost taxpayers about $2,800 in fuel and staffing -- costs that DOT will absorb.
The steel drum band cost $1,200, Fox said. But ports officials said they don't know how much the catering cost because they haven't gotten a bill. Fox would not say how much was budgeted for the catering.


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God and Politics Ohio Style

It was bound to happen, God being mixed into the gubenatorial race in the Buckeye state of Ohio. In a speech this week, Republican nominee J. Kenneth Blackwell, made comments regarding the Democratic Party and religion. In the speech, Blackwell stated, ``Democrats still believe that government is God, and God is not.'' This language is unacceptable and I hope that the people of Ohio reject such talk at the ballot box in November.

Before I was involved in politics, I was a churchgoer. My Catholic faith was instilled to me by my family and I rarely use it for political purposes. I am tired of the Republican Party using religion as a vote mechanism and painting Democrats as a Godless group of people.


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