Net Neutrality

So there's this movie over in the sidebar sponsored by the telcos, which makes a fair amount of sense right up until the last few seconds (which is about where they ask you to make the leap from believing that if some data discrimination is good, then it all is). And there have been conversations about net neutrality here and there. And I thought I understood at least the vague outlines of this debate.

But this morning, there was a telco rep on NPR saying that net neutrality is about the government setting a provider's price for bandwidth. Say what? Does anyone take this approach to the question seriously? That seems like a pretty tortured way to approach the question. Watcha think?

Dole and Burr Deny an Up or Down Vote

It's time to slam the LTE lines with this, Burr and Dole would not allow an up or down vote...on minimum wage. This is my letter to the Durham Herald.

It wasn't so long ago that all we heard from Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr was that Supreme Court Justices deserve an up or down vote. They decried Democrats who MIGHT block an up or down vote by voting against cloture, thus blocking the will of the majority. Yet, today, those same Senators voted against cloture, against an up or down vote. Was it for a judicial nominee? No. It was for a vote on raising the minimum wage, which is at its lowest point since the end of World War II. Richard Burr and Elizabeth Dole should be ashamed of allowing a small minimum wage increase to see an up or down vote. Once again, they play the part of do-nothing representatives that would rather interfere with the lives of working families than help them.

Asheville Drinking Liberally: Steady Your Nerves

George W. Bush is a busy bee. After inviting his Iraq War Team to Camp David to tell the decider about how steadfastly he must stay the course, Bush whisked the Press away to the Green Zone in Baghdad. Bush stalked and strutted, "the full jaunty" according to Joe Klein. Then he was back to tie 9/11 to Iraq to the War on Terror to Iran while Karl Rove and his hive of busy bees got the word out. Stay the course or surrender, the Republicans say. Which side are you on?


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