Brad Miller Campaign Kickoff, this Sunday! Join Us!

Things are heating up pretty early, aren't they?

All the more reason to Join Us in support of Brad Miller!

Campaign Kickoff Party
Sunday, June 25th
Irregardless Cafe
901 W. Morgan St, Raleigh

Sponsorships $250, $100 Tickets $25 per person

Please RSVP to or (919) 834-2343 by June 22.

Brad Miller was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1953. As a member of the North Carolina State Legislature, Brad wrote North Carolina’s safe gun storage law, which dramatically curbed juvenile gun deaths, and introduced legislation to expand North Carolina’s domestic violence law; to reduce air pollution from cars and trucks; and to limit the influence of political patronage in state government hiring. The Raleigh News & Observer called Brad “a work horse for public education and a conscientious voice for integrity in government” as a legislator.

Defeating Charles Taylor and returning Integrity to Congress

It is time for a change in Congress. Heath is running for Congress because the residents of Western North Carolina are tired of controversies swirling around their Congressman. They are tired of the constant displays of corruption and selling of our government to the highest bidder. And they are tired of seeing our jobs sent overseas through unfair trade deals. It is time for Congress to get back to doing the people’s business.

Heath and his family moved back home to North Carolina in 2003 so he could raise his children in the same environment that he and his wife were raised in. Heath decided to run because the people of NC-11 are not getting a fair shake from their Congressman. Jobs in NC-11 have been sent overseas; far too many in this district are living paycheck to paycheck; and health insurance is unaffordable for a large number of residents; and we’re watching smog overtake our Great Smoky Mountain National Park. After much deliberation, and finally with the encouragement of his wife, Heath decided to run.

The Health of a Nation

I’ve been laying off John Hood, stage manager at the John Lock Foundation Puppetshow, for the past few weeks because he hasn’t had anything interesting or relevant to say. But today he’s back to his usual form, this time flacking a CATO Institute Report on the wisdom of Health Savings Accounts. As you would expect from a free-market Libertarian think thank, this particular report has all the earmarks of a Puppetshow “report:” foregone conclusions based on ideological bias, sketchy data, weasel words and false choices.

Go Canes!

Nothing transcends politics like game 7's. And this one has the added benefit of keeping me from thinking about anything else today. Since the image of a poster that I tried to insert here is not working, I will leave you with a link to the Raleighing post on the game.

P.S. the Canes' victory tonight would be the first (major league) professional championship in state history.

Outrages of the Week

Just in case you thought everything in America was going along just fine, a daily visit to this site will quickly disabuse you of that notion. Sign up for their emails, if you don't mind a heavy dose of reality.

AR: Free Plane Ride from Major Government Contractor Not a Conflict According to Gov
Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee took a free ride on a plane owned by Lord's Ranch, faith-based youth home. Lord's Ranch currently has a state contract worth $8.5 million, funded by federal Medicaid dollars. When asked about a conflict-of-interest, Huckabee merely said that he is "very careful." Good, we'd hate it if he was being sloppy with his conflicts. [Arkansas News Bureau, 6/16/06]

Nominate Larry Kissell NOW!

Screwy Hoolie was alert enough to notice that MyDD had re-opened nominations for netroots endorsements and posted yesterday encouraging us to head on over. Currently, Larry Kissell leads in the comment section. That doesn't guarantee an endorsement, but it certainly shows that the excitment around his campaign is growing.

Go Now and let's give the Republicans more to worry about. Larry with netroots fundraising will send them shaking to hide back under their rocks. If you haven't left your Kissell nomination at MyDD, please do so now and send your friends too! It really will make a difference.

Shocking news

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A new-and-improved 'report' by the John Locke Foundation Puppetshow calls for tax relief in North Carolina. With a smarmy name that might have come out of the bowels of the Bush White House, the JLF Freedom Budget 2006 is mostly the same recycled talking points we’ve come to expect from ideologues who hate government more than they care about the common good.

RALEIGH — North Carolina legislators should close the books on two "temporary" taxes now that the taxes have helped generate a $2.4 billion state budget surplus. That’s a key finding in a new John Locke Foundation Spotlight report. The report also recommends that lawmakers limit spending increases and eliminate local Medicaid bills for the state’s 100 counties.


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