The Marine Massacre @ Haditha Iraq

The Marine Massacre at Haditha, Iraq. How will history judge this event in the annals of time?

The Military, especially the US Army has within its War College something called,”Lesions Learned”.

These are to teach the young officer, and sometimes the NCOs about the mistakes of the past and to insure that history does not repeat itself! Well, at this point in history, it would seem that the purpose of lesions learned have done nothing short of fail!

Within the Army Times we begin to see this story unfold. You will see that the timeline for this event extends back some 38 years ago. This is a story which must be reported, a story that must be told truthfully and honestly. Yes, This is a story that I wish someone else was doing but the torch was passed to me and I alone must bear the responsibility for reporting it correctly from the view of a mere by-stander! I will attempt to do my best. I owe you that!

How Legislators Voted on Minimum Wage-From Asheville C-T

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This was posted @ The on line site for the Asheville Citizen - Times today.

RALEIGH — The state House last week approved legislation to raise the state’s minimum wage to $6.15 an hour, an increase of $1. The state Senate previously approved an increase as part of that chamber’s budget proposal. Here’s how House representatives from WNC voted:


• Rep. Bob England, D-Rutherford

• Rep Susan Fisher, D-Buncombe

• Rep. Bruce Goforth, D-Buncombe

• Rep. Phil Haire, D-Jackson

• Rep. Ray Rapp, D-Madison

When Liars Lie

Yesterday, I provided an overview of the sleaze swirling around Art "The Puppetmaster" Pope and his electioneering activities. You may want to go back and review all the details, but if you don't, here's the essence of the story so far:

Art Pope is contaminating North Carolina politics with corruption of corporate money, just as is the national Republican Party. He seeks to polarize the legislature and the electorate, destroy common ground, punish those who reach across the aisle, and subvert the will of the people. In other words:

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The Marine Massacre @ Haditha Iraq. Part 2

The Hadithah Massacre! Now to try to understand!

By Daniel Siler@ BlueNC!
June 3rd,2006
Basically, In order to try and gain a understanding of the events which led up to the slaying of 24 unarmed civilians
We must turn back time to 38 years ago. I know I said I burred the Ghosts of the past several days ago but in order to tell the story correctly we must exhume a couple of those ghost in order that we may better understand what took place in Iraq! Now ,to those of you who are history majors you will probably know about this and then again, 38 years was a long time ago so you may not be old enough to remember.

The Unofficial Heath Shuler Forum

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Heath Shuler is our Democratic candidate for Congress in North Carolina's Eleventh District. We know all about his opponent, the failure Charles Taylor, but what do you know about Heath Shuler? And from what you know, what do you think?


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