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It occurred to me last night that it's about time that BlueNC had it's own Wikipedia entry, so I started one: But then I wasn't sure what to put there. As I'm sure you know, anyone can edit Wikipedia pages. If you have something to say about the site, go put it in there. But keep in mind: Wikipedia isn't an advertising medium. Here's Wikipedia's spam guidelines.

Also, I added a link to BlueNC on several pages where a link to BlueNC seemed appropriate. See, for example, (scroll down to the "external links" section). If you can think of some other pages where a link to BlueNC would be appropriate (and not spam!), fix 'er up!

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Today's post on the importance of local blogs at MyDD and at BlueNC is one I heartily second.

I got into active politics via the influence of DailyKos and Howard Dean's urging to rebuild the party from the ground up.

I'm now a candidate in one of the nation's largest and strangest partisan school board races (130,00 registered voters in my school board "district").

I've come a long way since my "greatest hit" diary at DKos (also front paged at MyDD), Party Takeover Underway, but am also discovering how much further there is to go.

Kook-aid Kokai

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Fridays at the Art Pope Puppetshow are always amusing. John Hood usually takes the day off from his stage managing duties so Puppets-in-waiting can have their 15 minutes of fame. Today that honor falls to Mitch Kokai, a veteran reporter who appears to be angling toward a gig on Fix News. His interview with General Blah Blah is a classic piece of frightwing journalism that ends with the following exchange:

The Lake is "Underutilized" says promoter...

tell that to the fish.

And how much noise does a jet boat make?

And, if it took 2 years to get the Coast Guard to approve their use, maybe there IS a problem with the things? I am a Coast Guard veteran, and am well aware of the ease of Coast Guard approval usually.

Link Text">Link TextJet Boats in Lake Fontana

Greetings TarHeels!

My name is, well, let's just say Bill. I am in the process of moving from NYC area to Asheville, NC.
Humans cannot live here anymore.
Wannajumpmyscooter is my name from DemocraticUnderground, if anyone knows me from there, Hi!
I am looking forward to the move, my Grandmother lives there, my father's family is from there and I am the only generation since Colonial times not to live there.
I always felt deprived.
Anyway, I am correcting this.
Later this summer, I will be there for drinking liberally and other such events.

Larry Kissell Earns Netroots Endorsement

For those of us who were initially disappointed that a netroots endorsement wasn't given to Larry Kissell after all of the diaries we wrote and after completely ruling the nominations process, we have something to celebrate.

The post is now up on the front page of MyDD and may follow at DailyKos. It is official. Larry Kissell has come from complete obscurity - a true underdog - and is now the darling of the online community. (I can't believe I just wrote that!...but I just had to...)

Join me on the flip side...

Bush 'n' Bragg


You know things must be getting rough when AWOL George schedules a July 4th visit to Fort Bragg to get his picture taken with da troops. If little boy George had actually done his job when he was supposed to be serving in the Texas Air National Guard, maybe he wouldn't be such a chickenshit president today. George Bush is a coward. The only reason he pays attention to men and women in uniform is when he can use them to bolster his shitty poll numbers. I spent three years jumping out of helicopters with soldiers from the 82nd Airborne. They don't want to stand next to the Commander in Grief and smile for the cameras.


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