Puppetshow expands!

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Updated with a kinder, gentler title and picture!

I have to hand it to the Puppetshow. Not only does Art Pope have his very own stooge inside the News and Observer and his very own hand-picked water carrier destined for the state legislature, he also appears to control one of the Boy Pundits, Carter Wrenn, who dutifully echoes the Puppetmaster's talking points about the horrors of planning, especially transit planning. But there is a silver lining. With Stage Manager John Hood losing his edge, it's good to see Wrenn filling the void with plenty of right wing ignorance to keep us all amused.

Act now to protect the public interest

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Rob Christensen, the N&O's top guy for politics, does a better job than most in getting behind the scenes in the state legislature. Earlier this week, he wrote a column that definitely deserves your attention.

Question: What kind of lunatic would run an $18.8 billion-a-year corporation with virtually no planning, no goals and no way to measure success? Answer: Your North Carolina state government.

Asheville's Drinking Liberally: Wedgie Politics

What do you call a sharply divisive political issue, especially one that is raised by a candidate or party in hopes of attracting or disaffecting a portion of an opponent's customary supporters? The pundit class, drunk as they are on cocktail weenies and spritzers, call it a Wedge Issue. Drinking Liberally - that weekly amalgamation of gay liberals, immigrant progressives, abortionist greens, and hot button hotties - call them wedgies because they're a pain in our collective asses.

"Fuzzy Numbers" in John Locke Foundation Hit Piece on Public Transit

A column in the CharlObs contains pieces of the Charlotte Area Transit System's response to a JLF attack on the system. The columnist: "That brings me to the core fact about transit: No matter whose numbers you believe, every single trip is subsidized by taxpayers. It doesn't pay for itself. But then again, neither do roads." Don't worry, fair columnist, I'm sure the JLF will be trying to convince us that roads should be privately owned next week.

Primary Runoff Results

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Durham attorney Larry Hall (D) won the runoff race Tuesday for the 29th House District, while Pat Hurley (R) won in the 70th District.

With all 21 precincts reporting in unofficial results, Hall had 56 percent of the vote compared to 44 percent for former Durham city council member Sandy Ogburn. Hall likely will replace outgoing Democratic Rep. Paul Miller, who declined to run for another term. He won't have a Republican opponent in the general election, but could face a write-in challenge. Hurley will take on Democrat Happy Spivey of Ramseur in November in the heavily GOP district. Nine-term incumbent Rep. Arlie Culp, R-Randolph, is retiring.

Pot, Meet Kettle

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If you've ever wondered how politics in North Carolina got to be such a stinky business, you need look no farther than the powerbrokers and pundits who profit from running campaigns. One such creature is Mr. Carter Wrenn, who occasionally has something interesting to say about his friends on the conservative fringe. But interesting or not, his blog posts at Talking About Politics are always revealing because they show how the mind of a wacko works. Today's commentary involves the ongoing feud between Art Pope and Jim Black, a sorry pot and a crooked kettle if ever there were.

Bill Glass anyone?

I was wondering if anyone thinks that Bill Glass has a chance in the NC 9th District aganist Sue Myrick.

I've heard that people are tired of Mrs. Myrick (got to respect the Office if not the person) and if his name recognition would increase, he could beat her hands down.

Any truth to that?


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