Hayes in Toughest Race Ever Say Dole and Burr

Some Republican friends and supporters of mine just shared a letter with me they got in the mail today. It was a fundraising letter from the NC Senators on behalf of my multi-millionare opponent, Robin Hayes. It was full of the usual Republican rhetoric and scare tactics, but I was suprised to read their assement of the race between Congressman Hayes and myself only to find myself nodding in full agreeement.

Dear Friend,

We're not on the ballot this year, but the stakes could not be greater...

...Robin is facing his toughest re-election battle yet and needs your help.

This seat was drawn for a Democrat to win, and they want it back. In fact, Robin is one of the Democrat's top targets for defeat this year...

Take Back the House: Larry Kissell, NC-08 & Brad Miller, NC-13

Many of you have read the diaries written by Representative Brad Miller from North Carolina. You know that he gets science. You know he supports the blogging community and was part of a panel at Yearly Kos. You know he's a progressive and you probably know he's just a great guy - very honest, very smart and very genuine. What you might not know about Brad Miller is something that many of you will think is trivial, but I think is vitally important.

Have you heard the saying that 80% of success is just showing up? Well, Brad Miller shows up to vote. Every. Single. Time. He is one of only 5 representatives in the U.S. House that has bothered to show up for every single vote during the 109th Congress

Please join me below the fold...

Democratic NC Legislator: "Trees are unfair to advertisers!"

One of our very own General Assembly members agrees with the billboard industry that trees around billboards are getting too uppity. To solve this growing problem, he's introduced legislation that would double the space in front of a billboard in which trees can be cut. Double it. Do you recall the last time you were driving down the highway and had less than a completely unobstructed view of the Cracker Barrel billboard?

From the N&O:

New Taylor Ethics Complaint

This time by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington ("CREW"). From the press release:

Washington, DC – Earlier today [June 28], Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) released an ethics complaint against Rep. Charles Taylor (R-NC). CREW also sent copies of the complaint to the Department of Justice, Public Integrity Section and to the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina. Last fall, CREW named Rep. Taylor one of the 13 most corrupt Members of Congress.

Larry Kissell: The Real Deal

The Southern Dem has been singing the praises of Larry Kissell for weeks and months and I've found her enthusiasm contagious. But tonight I got the meet Larry himself, as did more than a hundred other folks from around the Triangle. And I'm here to tell you: Larry Kissell is the real deal. He's smart and quick and honest and as nice as the day is long. He has a warm sense of humor, a strong handle on the issues, and he's just the kind of person North Carolina needs as a representative in Congress.

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