Wednesday Afternoon Action Plan

First, my apologies for being so tardy with the action plan today. I am trudging along through the slightly medicated stupor and very groggy from not being able to sleep through the pain. My lack of coherence today will be explained away by the above statement. My lack of coherence any other day defies explanation.

We have had good news from both of our Senators. Mr. Burr and Mrs. Dole have both come out against selling our National Forest lands. Since I don't trust either one of them any further than I can throw them we are going to email them today to thank them for coming out against the sale and register our position. They still need to hear from us so they know how many will work against them in the next election if they vote with the President on this one. (Yeah, like we would ever work to get them elected!)

Finished below the fold...

Tell Congress to Stop White House Funding Cuts!

Congress Must Block White House From Cutting Military Health Care
Monday, March 20, 2006By Martin Frost,2933,188567,00.html

Gather around, boys and girls, I’m going to tell you a ghost story. This particular story is pretty scary but it still can have a happy ending. Hope springs eternal.Once upon a time, our government promised young men and women that they would have lifetime health care if they volunteered to serve as least 20 years on active duty in our nation’s armed services. Many young people patriotically accepted and performed long and honorable service to our country.But, after years of obtaining quality military health care, something happened.

Dole Checks Polls and Then Opposes Land Sale

After weeks of nothing from Dole on the proposed land sale, apparently she sees just enough opposition to the sale to talk against it. The Wilmington-Star quotes Dole as saying:

However, I do not believe it is a wise investment to sell our public lands in return for short-term funding of a program that deserves full funding on its own – especially when the lands have been selected without the input of local communities and park rangers.

National News Roundup 3/22

From The Washington Post: So which Bush is telling the truth? The one who said we would have a majority of troops home by the end of the year or the one who says they will stay until after '08. Typical Bush style - leave your mess for someone else to clean up. You've been doing it your entire worthless life you whiney little (*$)(%^#$*#(%)($$^*^. Bushies buddies get all the cash. They are doing their damndest to rip the Constitution to bypassing the process that turns a bill into a law. Chertoff endorsing security at chemical plants, but is he going far enough?

I apologize for the venom this morning. I have a very bad migraine and I'm just not feeling very generous toward the Bush and his bots.

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