Updated: Urgent Action Needed! Minimum Wage Increase At Stake

Update from Working Families Win
Here's the entire text of Becky's latest email. She says it much better than I could...


Concerned citizens all over North Carolina have responded to our request that they contact their legislators about minimum wage, and YOUR CALLS ARE WORKING!! Senators that have heard from constituents have begun calling on their leadership to ensure the passage of the minimum wage increase this year!!

Here are some stats:
Just on Wednesday, 855 emails were sent to legislators from all over the state! This may be a one day record for our coalition partners! Over 900 e-mails have been sent this week alone!
Every legislator - except two newly appointed legislators - has gotten at least one constituent email!

Keep the Landfill Moratorium in the Budget

North Carolina Senate President, Marc Basnight has issued a call to local activists to contact members of the General Assembly in support of a moratorium on new mega-landfills in North Carolina that has passed the Senate and is being held up in the House (this would prevent NC from becoming home to huge landfills that get filled up to 275 feet high with trash imported from other states). Let us respond to this call to action and show the House that we do not N.C. to become the dump of the eastern seaboard. [To write your representative use the Take Action Page]

Killing them softly, Part II

I've written about this absurdity several times, and just when I think there's no more to say, something like this happens.

What kind of screwed up morality has America all a-twitter about whether it hurts too much when you're killing someone in the blind pursuit of justice? I say this: Hold executions in the town square at high noon on Saturday, or don't hold them at all.

So's Ya Knows!

Daniel is Dan-Viper29 and Viper 29 is Dan. I use Viper on all my military blogs as it were me callsign. So NO we didnt get a new member!hahhahhaha!

11th District Veterans-What Charles Taylor Did Not tell us about the Franklin Clinic!

The Franklin VA Out-Patient Clinic was on the drawing boards for over 5 years. A retired military officer donated the building. Taylor did not do crap! And here is what he did not tell you!

I HAVE GOOD NEWS and I HAVE BAD NEWS -- VA will open 25

new Community-Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs).

Most, if not all, of the clinics' operations will be

outsourced. Another step in privatizing the VA.

First, congratulations to the veterans in the communities listed below.

You will be getting a VA Community-Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) soon.

That's the good news.

Truth About VA-Part3

WHO PAYS FOR THE VA'S DATA DEBACLE? -- The VA has a solution.

But, that solution is estimated to cost $100-500 million and the VA

plans to pay with existing funds they will raid from veterans’

healthcare and benefits programs. The VA has not asked

for any additional funding. (Latest article for Military.com.)

All information on VA data theft on this page... http://www.vawatchdog.org/va%20data%20theft%20news.htm

All articles for Military.com and OpEdNews.com on this page... http://www.vawatchdog.org/military%20dot%20com%20articles.htm


Truth About VA-Part 2


MONITORING...BUT... -- Why is there always a "but?" According to

reports, the money will come from offsets...$30 million from the

VA budget...and the other $130 million from other agencies.

All information on VA data theft on this page... http://www.vawatchdog.org/va%20data%20theft%20news.htm

If the report is accurate (and it certainly appears to be)...this plan is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

The VA cannot afford to take $30 million from veterans' programs.

And, other agencies, cash-strapped as well, should not have to take from their programs to pay for this.


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