See Dick Cry

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Awwww. Poor Dickie Burr got all teared up when he visited Normandy this week and saw what happens to real soldiers who fought in real wars. Which brings up two dots worth connecting. First, you know Republican chickenhawks are hurting when they look for photo opportunities in war cemeteries and special legislation to support the armed forces. And second, you know the News and Observer is sucking up when Rob Christensen deems this pathetic pandering to be worthy of coverage without calling bullshit.

Hayes must be feeling the heat

You can tell there's an election on the horizon because flip-floppin' Robin wants to pander to the special forces units at Fort Bragg. If I were a regular soldier in the Army nowadays, I'd be painting a big ol' target on Hayes' yellow back for ignoring the hard work of hundreds of thousands of ordinary troops whose blood runs just as red as those Special Operations Teams.

This is nothing but another lame Robin Hayes photo op.

RALEIGH -- North Carolina Representative Robin Hayes says better retirement pay for special operations troops will keep them in service. Hayes has introduced a bill in the US House to increase retirement pay for the highly trained troops. Hayes says special operations ranks need to be increased by 15 percent because the troops have had so many assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Senate Poised to Send Anglico to Jail

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CHAPEL HILL - In a move that can only be described as pandering to American pseudo-patriots, the US Senate, led by Chickenhawk Richard Burr, is once again taking up a bill that will make desecration of the American flag unconsitutional. The story in USA Today, reports the sorry turn of events.

"It's scary close," said Terri Schroeder of the American Civil Liberties Union, which opposes the amendment. "People think it's something that's never going to happen. ... The reality is we're very close to losing this battle."

Rove off the Hook?

If you can believe Robert Luskin, Karl Rove's attorney, Patrick Fitzgerald has sent him a letter saying that Rove will not be charged with any wrongdoing in the outing of a CIA operative.

The New York Times has this story running. I'm surprised that Luskin, media darling that he is, didn't give this to his favorite stenographers at The Washington Post. They must have had a tiff.

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If only NC was as gay as DC

I finally got back from DC's Capital Pride festival this weekend. It was a blast. Almost (if not more than) 200,000 people participated in the parade and street festival on Saturday and Sunday (respectively). I've never seen so many LGBT people gathered in the same spot in my entire life.

The DC LGBT festival kind of makes our 8,000 (approx.) strong NC Pride look like nothing. I'm kind of sad... I'm wishing North Carolina was as accepting as the DC community (I also wish we had more openly gay folk around here).


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