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John Ham over at the JLF blog is complaining about how the media is calling Bilbray's win over Busby in CA-50 a "squeaker" even though Clinton never won the US by a larger margin. You would expect a person with his brain in some gear besides neutral (or reverse) to consider differences between CA-50 and the US as a whole.

The district was gerrymandered to exclude the relatively liberal areas of La Jolla, Bird Rock, downtown La Jolla, and UCSD. Those areas were moved to the more-liberal 53rd District, and the more conservative community of Clairemont Mesa was added to the new 50th District. [Wikipedia]

For a Republican to just barely win a seat like that (and that only after the national party poured in nearly $5mil) is a shameful showing. Calling it a "squeaker" is being kind.

CBC to House Dems, "How dare you! We're leaving."

In what is nothing short of a amazing, the Congressional Black Caucus is actually still steering the wagon of defending corrupt "black" Democrat Rep. William Jefferson.

And who is the beastmaster you ask behind this? None other than our very own Mel Watt (NC-12). When told about the continuous pressure by House Democrats to have Jefferson step down in order to have a transparent and honest federal government he responds:

It's about to blow up in their face...

Kissell Fundraisers Kick Off in a Big Way

Tuesday evening was the first in a series of June fundraisers for Larry Kissell. Young Professionals for Kissell, held their first fundraiser at the Thomas Street Tavern in Charlotte's Plaza-Midwood neighborhood. The back deck provided an excellent venue for the event and the great music was provided by Autumn in August. Artist Terry Thirion offered two beautiful works of art for raffle. I failed to get a picture, but her paintings and sketches can be found at Red Sky Gallery. Pictured above are Tami V., who organized the event and Megan R., who helped Tami with the details of the event.

Follow me to the flip side...

But What About That Guy Next to Me

N.C. Senate votes to ban cell phone use for teen drivers, but they still think it is okay for the rest of us. Despite this factoid from a bill supporter, Austin Allran (R):

“I think it’s a good idea. Cell phone use while driving … increases your chances of a wreck four times.”

While the teens are faced with a violation for talking on their cell phone while driving, the guy next to me is only face with the possibility of either ki

Shuler Interview at

I feel that I represent the people of the district. I grew up in a small town, my father was a mailman, people can relate to me. I have been actively involved in the community for many years. Name recognition certainly helps. I was in the schools or in their churches, in their civic organizations far before I ever thought about running for Congress. People know me, they know who I am as a person.

Go read. Anglico beat me to the punch

CQ Politics Hearts Shuler

Just found this interview with the Man Who Will Kick Chuck Taylor Out of Congress.

The battle for North Carolina’s 11th District seat is shaping up to be the most competitive of the state’s 13 House contests, in a year in which the state has no races for the Senate or governor.

Just overlook they fact that they seem to be oblivious to the action over in NC-8. Duh. Must not be able to chew gum and walk at the same time.

Appalachia Thanks Congress (for giving their next pay raise to US!)

(Cross-posted at the Appalachian Voices blog) I hope yall will forgive my temporary absence from the BlueNC scene. I've had quite a bit goin on, and Im glad to be back!.

According to the US Census Bureau, Appalachian States continue to be the poorest in the country.

Median annual incomes for the Southern and Central Appalachians:

Alabama- $45,768

Georgia- $49,745

Kentucky- $43,953

Maryland- $69,695

North Carolina- $47,112


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