Where Will You Be This Wednesday?

Larry Kissell will be at my house in Chapel Hill this Wednesday and I hope you'll all come by to support his campaign for Congress. Tickets are $50. No need to RSVP . . . just show up and we'll find a way to feed you one way or another! Check the BlueNC calendar for all the details, or contact me if you need more information. Hope to see you here!

Tar Heel Tavern (Blog Expo) Submission Deadline This Evening

This week's Tar Heel Tavern is being hosted at Another blue puzzle pieceHere's the particular post with submission guidelines.

Whatzuh Whatnow? The Tar Heel Tavern is a weekly showcase of the best in NC blogging. If you've written a post you're proud of this week, send it off. Sometime tomorrow the host will post the tavern, describing the included posts and providing links. Get on it!

Convention Blogging & Larry Kissell at FDL

Well, the convention is still going on and I took a break to head on over to the Radisson to use their signal. I couldn't connect in the other building.

Everyone stop by FireDogLake and blog with Larry Kissell.

FDL hostesses Christy Hardin Smith and Jane Hamsher are two of my favorite bloggers and Howie Klein has joined them to write a regular post called Blue America. Head on over and support Larry.

Anti-gay church gets message from God?

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I don't know... but it is very possible. Hey... if God supposedly caused Hurricane Katrina because of us "abominable homosexuals" or if God really did create AIDS to cure our "sinful lifestyles," then maybe God did this, too.

Phot Credit Lauren Carroll Winston Salem JournalYesterday, during the horrible rains and storms which hit the Piedmont-Triad area of the state, Berean Baptist Church got an electrifying shock when lightening hit the church's steeple.

FBI Investigates NC Group for Terror Connections

FBI Officials in North Carolina have announced a sting operation that netted 6 members of a little known terror cell that may have links with al-Qaeda. The identities of its members have not been released, but a large weapons cache was found in an area believed to be a training camp.

When asked by investigators what their intended target was the apparent leader of the group refused to answer. It is unknown what investigative techniques were used to extract information.

More details below the fold...

From Heath Shuler

Press Release Contact: Andrew Whalen
For Immediate Release Phone: (828) 258-7352 office
June 23, 2006 (440) 670-5700 mobile

Veterans Need A Representative Who’s There All the Time, Not Just at Election Time

Asheville, NC – Heath Shuler, candidate for Congress in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District today released the following comment on the creation of a veterans’ health care center in Macon County.

“The creation of this medical center is just one small way we can say thank you to all the brave men and women who have served our country and kept us free. Supporting our troops and our veterans is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it is an American issue,” said Shuler.


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