Larry Kissell campaign fundraiser in Concord

Please join Cabarrus County Democrats and Larry Kissell for a fundraising evening.
Friday June 30th, 6 - 8 pm at 28 Miller Avenue, Concord. Suggested contribution: $45 per person, $75 per couple.
To RSVP and for directions to the place, see the information on the frontpage of our website.
We'll see you there!

My Comments To the Asheville Paper

Dear Mr. Flynn & Dear Editor.....That which Congressman Charles Taylor considers a victory is just a continueing example of his complete disreguard for Veterans until it comes down to the point he can do something that makes him look good. This is just a example of the way he continues to fool the people of WNC.

The clinic was first to be located within Cherokee County where it would most benifit the Veterans of Cherokee,Graham,Clay & Swain Counties. Now those from these counties face still haveing to go on to Asheville, Why? It is a better trip of about the same distance for us and we do not benifit from it.

What Taylor Said

Franklin clinic to enhance health care for WNC veterans
published June 23, 2006 5:50 pm
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FRANKLIN - The Department of Veterans Affairs has approved a new community based 0utpatient clinic in Franklin to provide health care to veterans west of Asheville.

The outpatient medical clinic will provide both primary and mental health services to an estimated 3,200 veterans each year.

The new clinic will serve as an extension of the existing VA Medical Center in Asheville that provides specialized care to veterans.

Chapel Hill Screening: 'The Big Buy - Tom Delay's Stolen Congress'

For those of you in and around Chapel Hill, or just passing through, please join me for a small, in-house screening of this new film about Tom Delay. This should provide fuel for supporters of public campaign financing. RSVP at link below:

Double Header

I'm on a roll today. By accident or by design I had two letters printed in the same day by the N&O.

One about the insidious influence of the Citizens for Higher Education PAC whose members collectively and individually give large sums to legislators, particularly Jim Black.
PAC's boost

The other about Richard Burr's false claims of concern for consumers.
Consumer info

Congress blocking emails

Consumers Union has begun a campaign to stop Congressional offices blocking emails sent through organizational websites like Consumers Union

Last month, Congressional offices began to adopt new software that blocks the delivery of email their constituents send from a wide range of nonprofit organization websites. The Internet has opened up democratic communication between millions of Americans and their elected representatives. This new, higher level of participaion should be welcomed, not disabled.

This new technology--launched just a short while ago and already in use by more than 30 Representatives--requires you to answer a "logic puzzle" question before you can submit a comment. This is designed to limit communications to only those constituents who go directly to the lawmaker's own website to send a message. Unorganized individuals will be able to talk to their representatives, but people who wish to communicate as part of a movement through nonprofit organizations will be blocked.


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