State Ethics Laws Open Thread

Greg has done an excellent job keeping everyone informed about the ethics/lobbying efforts. I felt that needed a new home. From the N&O:

All together, the new rules would:

* Eliminate many perks of privilege -- ACC tickets, expensive dinners and golf trips provided by lobbyists and their clients.

* Stop the practice of spending campaign money on cars, computers or cash to family members.

* Limit the influence of lobbyists on raising campaign money for lawmakers and top state officials.

* Impose new criminal penalties for those who break the rules: Lie about your financial interests on a public disclosure form and face a felony. Hide them and face a misdemeanor.

Brad Miller on Margaret Spellings: Blast from the past

BlueNC has been around long enough to have witnessed plenty of political shenanigans. The post below, written by then Congressman Brad Miller in July, 2006, points out a pattern of deception on the part of Margaret Spellings that we cannot lose sight of. As you may know, Spellings is under consideration to be the president of UNC. Her history of obfuscation will no doubt serve her well.



The Bush Administration works through the stages of grief

The 50 State Strategy Working in NC

Jerry Meek is Chair of the NC Democratic Party

You’ve probably heard a lot about the DNC’s “50 State Strategy” lately.

When Gov. Dean ran for National Chairman, I voted for him in part because he promised that Democrats wouldn’t give up in any State and that State Parties would be true partners with the DNC. He’s keeping his promise, and it’s paying off right here in North Carolina.

After his election, Gov. Dean sent a team to North Carolina to find out what we needed as a State Party. Ours was the first State in the nation to which a team was sent. And, as a result of this assessment, North Carolina now has three new regional political directors – paid for by the DNC, but managed by the State Party – who are traveling the State, training local party leaders and helping to build local organizations.

Privatize this

Rightwing government haters would like to privatize everything from schools and highways to wars and elections. And much to my surprise, I'm finally coming around to agreeing with them. In fact, I hope they'll go so far as to privatize international diplomacy. It's hard to imagine any organization doing a worse job than the Republicans currently running this country. The truth is, they somehow manage to piss off the rest of the world everytime they open their lyin' mouths.

Chris Matthews and Ann Coulter

Well, Chris Matthews lost me last night. Even tho' he did question Ann Coulter about some of the things she has written and said, he just fawned over her a little too much for me. I got sick of hearing him talk about how brilliant she is. I will have to find something constructive to do during that hour. By the way, that woman who came on after Coulter was supposed to be Elizabeth Dole. Do you think she had on a mask or was it an imposter?


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