Nominate Larry Kissell for Netroots Endorsement at MyDD

MyDD wants you to nominate the next netroots candidate:

"Ok, so the last two netroots endorsements were Patrick Murphy and Darcy Burner. Both were chosen because they have strong netroots support, and because they are in areas that are trending Democratic (the 'Northeastern strategy').

After Yearly Kos, we figured it would be a good time to open up the floor for more nominations.

There's some targeting that goes into these nominations, but the most important qualifying criteria for a netroots endorsement is local blog support. So if you have a local blog and are following/supporting a candidate, please make your case for the endorsement."

School's Out... For Summer!

Hi gang.

Just wrapping up from an incredible trip to D.C. I had a lot of meetings and it was amazing to see the support growing for our campaign. Congressman Brad Miller was kind enough to hold a breakfast fundraiser for our campaign that was very nice. He and his staff are great and were very kind to us. The entire NC Democratic delegation is a wonderful group of folks. Congressman Rahm Emanuel, Chair of the DCCC, was a surprise special guest and I certainly was pleasantly surprised that he said he had just mailed us a $5,000 check for our efforts!

It's great to see everyone in DC finally coming to realize what we've known in the 8th District all along. We're going to win in November.

My Poor, Poor Baby

As much as I hate to send you, gentle reader, away, there is a Saturday Morning Funny over at the Federal Review that you simply must see. Be sure to check out the comments—FedRev is a fairly conservative site, and I predict that there will be some liberal bashing in the thread before long. But I ask you: are there any Democrats who still smoke? (You'll know what I'm talking about when you click.)

Haditha a symptom of a war gone wrong from the get-go

I found this in the Asheville Citizen and thought it was quite interesting....Dan

The recent massacre at Haditha, together with the deprivations of abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, might lead one to believe that ordinary American soldiers are nothing short of vicious beasts. Nonsense. Which one of us would not do the same, given the same conditioning, placed in the same circumstances?

War itself is to blame, not the people fighting in it. It is the training in unrepentant ruthlessness that is necessary to fight and kill blindly, without remorse. Above all, it is the fault of a ruthless and cavalier administration, utilizing the horrors of war to impose its will upon an uncooperative foreign nation.

Fathers Day & 58,000 Votes

As Father’s Day is this Sunday I thought this would be an appropriate time to bring this up. Some of us know our dads. Others do not. I am in the latter. But in my own way around the fire pit, I hope he is safe if he is still alive. And I am thankful to my Adoptive Dad and to the Dad’s of the many friends I had grown up with who would offer advice from time to time & help watch after me.

But come this Sunday if you are in the Washington, D.C. area, I would ask you to remember what I will have printed below. If you get anything out of this post, I want it to sink in, To sink in that more than 58,000 Dads & potential Dads lost their lives in a Republican Lie. A Republican lead war by Richard Nixon, who after saying he was pulling out troops escalated the war and ordered the all out bombing of the North. So this Fathers Day, Remember these gentle, souls, They didn’t care if you were a Democrat or a Republican, Black, Red, or White. They were just Brothers, Dad’s in arms. So remember them.

Ok ,Ok,So what is the worst you can do? Send me to Iraq?

Ok, Ok, Kick me up side da head! You didn't think the old Viper 29 could hide out for long did ya. Drama Queen, Thank you for helping me get my Political Wrongness turned into rightness! It's da new me and I also got 2 new sites to work with. WNC Vet"S For Truth @
and my Blog

So why dont I just start things of with a cross post of mine from The Unoffical Heath Shuler Forum.

Let’s talk Taylor for a moment. Yes, I admit it, within the first four years of his term as Congressman for the 11th District he did do some good for vets. But let’s face it, What has he done lately? At this present time according to the GAO and Thomas Library of Congress there are around 180 Veterans Bills stalled out before several Committees. Why isn’t Taylor demanding these to be pushed on thru?

Jim Black Gets No Respect

Buried in a great version of the N&O's Under the Dome column was this nugget:

N.C. House Speaker Pro Tem Richard Morgan found no takers Thursday when he asked for debate during the final vote on an $18.9 billion budget proposal. He waited a few moments and then called for the vote.

But at the front of the chamber, in Morgan's seat, sat a lawmaker who had plenty to say -- House Speaker Jim Black, who had let Morgan take the gavel for Thursday's session. Black had a speech prepared, praising his colleagues for their efforts in assembling what he considers the best budget proposal for education he has ever seen.


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