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I was just reading this report about the progress North Carolina has made toward representational racial equality. (It's a slow day at work.) The report is pretty rosy—which is good if true—but it's real, real short on causes. That is, it offers a lot of data, but doesn't do much looking into why the data trends the way it does. (I was doing some skimming; please correct me if I missed something.)

The report is by the American Enterprise Institute. I have a hard time keeping my think tanks straight, and I don't ever assume that their names say much about their missions. So looking up AEI I find that they're "an extremely influential, pro-business right-wing think tank" that "promotes the advancement of free enterprise capitalism" and "is the center base for many neo-conservatives."

New diary on Bush Co.'s ingoring facts that don't mesh with policy

This is a head's up to a new diary that Brad Miller has written over at DailyKos. It covers two studies that the administration has chosen to classify as "bad science," despite any serious peer review, that Brad suggests may be because the conclusions of the study didn't match up with the policy that Bush Co. is trying to push.

Bush Co. ignoring facts that don't match up to their game plan? No...

PJ Puryear
Brad Miller Congressional Campaign

P.S. One more thing, why is Brad's name missing from your Homeboys/Girls roster? It's not like he has blogged here or anything.

Delay's Appalachian Connection

(Cross-posted at the new Appalachian Voices blog and front-paged by Anglico)

There are many public servants that make me proud to be an Appalachian citizen.

In NC-05, my district, Virginia Foxx has not been one of them.

She has made it a habit to follow special interest money, including that of disgraced former House Leader Tom Delay (R-TX-22), rather than to serve the will of her constituents.

Registration Deadline

April 7th is the last day to register to vote in order to be eligible to vote in the primaries. I have attached the North Carolina voter registration form. Please register and ask your coworkers and friends to register; people are much more likely to vote if they are asked to by someone they know.

Partial Victory on Land Sale: More Action to Win Forever

For background on the sale go to Lance's original post

It looks like the backbone of our local Democratic officials and online activities have postponed the propsed forest sale:

Agriculture Under Secretary Mark Rey recently announced that the public will have another month to comment on a list of forest lands that would be available for sale in a proposal to provide funding to extend the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000 (SRS).

Bush and the Sound of Silence

On Thursday of this week President George W. Bush is coming to Charlotte to sound the drum beat for his war on terror. What are we hearing in Charlotte from Republicans who typically line up to rub nuts with Bushie? Pleasantly enough, not a damned thing. If you visit the web site for the Mecklenburg County Republican Party, you will see their rundown of judges but NOTHING (until they get a ping from this link) on the President's pending visit.

While it required a huge dose of antacid, I even braved a visit to the North Carolina Republican Party Web site. Not.A.Word. Shhhh! Let's not tell them. Maybe nobody will show. Then again, maybe that's the plan. Maybe even North Carolina Republicans have figured out Bush is toxic.

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