Dunn Gone

The text of the press release follows:


Democratic congressional candidate Tim Dunn announced today that he was ending his bid to represent the 8th congressional district. Dunn said:

“I am withdrawing from this race because I am no longer in the position to meet my family financial obligations and continue with this campaign. The stakes are too high to not be able to devote every bit of my being into winning this race. But after being in this campaign for over six months, it is very apparent that I will hurt my family and also the ultimate goal of this campaign if I continue in this race. It has come down to a choice between my family obligations and the campaign for Congress and my family will always come first.”

Capstrat Does Letterman

Sometimes the company I work for knocks my socks off . . . as it did last night when our Chief Creative Officer and a Senior Designer were featured on David Letterman's show in a fabulous example of viral marketing. Follow the link and see just what happens in the inner workings and hidden cracks of big-time public relations. Be sure to click on one of the top links to see the whole clip.

Capstrat Does Letterman

What an IDEA, stop punishing disabled children.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 - what a bold idea, what a great idea.

Disability is a natural part of the human experience and in no way diminishes the right of individuals to participate in or contribute to society. Improving educational results for children with disabilities is an essential element of our national policy of ensuring equality of opportunity, full participation, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency for individuals with disabilities.

So, how has it done?

Bring Markos and Jerome to North Carolina

The Book Tour for Jerome Armstrong of MyDD and Markos of DailyKos is getting organized. However, North Carolina is not on their schedule. They are asking for recommendations on where to go at their website above, and I sent them an e-mail about coming to the Triangle. They are asking that when people send them suggestions on destinations that they include a specific event, so I am putting it to our readers to:
1) Come up with some event that Markos and Jerome can come speak at;
2) Leave a comment here telling us your idea; and

Tuesday Morning Action Plan - Save our National Forests

This morning we have one thing and only one thing to do. This is the day that every single one of us will email or fax the US Department of Agriculture and tell them we do NOT think that selling off 300,000 acres of our National Forests is a good idea.

I know that each of you read everything I linked to yesterday and we all have our reasons for opposing this sale ready to go. If not, I'm going to provide you with a few you can use. This is IMPORTANT! This is the MOST important step of this action plan. We will repeat it every day to make sure this email is sent! Before I provide a list, if you want to read the links from yesterday, here is Monday's Action Plan. Here are some reasons why we oppose this sale:

Look inside for the goodies...

Fayetteville Online Joins the Chorus Calling for Black to Resign

Jim Black's scandals have been racking up so fast that I have not had to time to even read all of them. The latest one is that Black broke contribution limits by giving over the $4,000 cap to five candidates. This, along with the other myriad of corruption scandals, has lead the Fayetteville Online to call on Black to give up his leadership post:

So what we have here is a speaker whose lawyer tentatively concedes that payments were made in excess of what the law allows, and suggests that everything can be put right by taking some of the money back.


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