Congressman Charles Taylor and the D.C. Prostitution Scandal

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SignOnSanDiego: "Federal prosecutors are reviewing records of two Washington, D.C., hotels where Poway defense contractor Brent Wilkes rented suites as part of their investigation into whether prostitutes were involved as he tried to curry favor with lawmakers and CIA officials."

UNC faculty to Puppetmaster: Keep your damn money

It must be frustrating when you can't even give away $5 million. But that's the showdown that's emerging at UNC Chapel Hill, where faculty members are balking at selling their souls to a new curriculum that might be funded by Art Pope. The shootout will occur on May 10 when the faculty will vote on a resolution that the university stop its pursuit of funding for western civilization courses from the John William Pope Foundation.

According to the Durham Herald

Art Pope, the foundation's leader, said on Wednesday that it is a "double standard" for faculty members to bash the Western studies grant and accept other outside funding. Pope said he will consider the university's proposal for the funding despite faculty opposition and may decide whether to give the money as early as May or June.

The limits of US market capitalism

This is a fascinating piece, for those of you who are interested in the convergence of business and government. I daresay, it would provoke outrage over at the Puppetshow, if they ever bother to read anything that doesn't support what they already believe.

The specter of Anglo-American market capitalism dominated France's student unrest in March and April, and motivated popular rejection in France a year ago of the proposed new European Union constitution. The election that has just given Italy a fragile center- left coalition, and recent conflict in German industry, involved the same question: how to remodel national economies, or whether to remodel them at all.

Dent is looking for feedback

Bob Geary, of Independent Weekly fame, is doing a story on the local blogging community to coincide with visits on May 12th from Daily Kos rockstars - and he's looking for input. Bob is also inviting opinions about the Independent's political blog, Dent. Stop by and give him a piece of your mind.

NC Treasurer Richard Moore at Wake Democratic Men's Club

Consider this an official invitation to the May 8th meeting of the Wake Democratic Men's Club featuring guest speaker NC Treasurer and likely 2008 Gubernatorial candidate Richard Moore.

Meeting Date: Monday, May 8, 2006

Time: 6:00 PM with dinner plates served at 6:30

Speaker: Hon. Richard Moore, Treasurer of the State of North Carolina

7:00 to 7:30, followed by a Q&A session

Location: Clarion Hotel, 320 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh
(one block west of Goodwin House)

Please RSVP to or phone (919)363-3664 and leave a message to be assured of enough dinners for our members and guests.


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