Dull Bored with DC?

Rumor from the Crawfish Boil I attended today has it that Liddy Dole is sick and tired of Washington and has decided she wants to be the Governor of North Carolina next. Apparently she's somewhere between bored and worn out and is looking for another position where she won't have to work so hard. Southern Dem diaried this earlier (I think) but the rumor remains persistent.

Makes sense to me, given that she's doing such a crappy job as a North Carolina Senator. Isn't rewarding incompetence the Republican way?

And don't forget, she'd rather be in Montana.

Choosing choice

I've been surprised how little discussion there is around here about the Great Abortion Debate. And I don't know whether that's because we're all in agreement (seems unlikely) or because it's just not on the minds of those who spend time at BlueNC. After all, it's not currently a hot topic in state politic, though it could flare up at any time.

NG General Assembly to Discuss Adding Steering Wheels to Cars it Sold Last Year

Better late than never, I guess.

Lawmakers say expect proposals when they reconvene May 9 to ensure that the estimated $400 million projected in net lottery proceeds adds to existing education spending, rather than replace it. Others may seek a new formula that determines how a portion of those profits earmarked for local school construction projects are allocated.

* * *

"We're going to make sure that we do not allow the lottery money to supplant current education money," House Speaker Jim Black, D-Mecklenburg, said after a recent meeting with fellow House Democrats. "That's very important to all of us."

AP Wire | 04/30/2006 | Expect N.C. lottery changes to affirm education spending

The Decider Has Decided

You've heard that George 'The Decider' Bush has decided that no non-English-speaking people should be allowed to sing the national anthem in any language besides English. Here's one cut at the story from Canada. Even more ironically, you can find an official Spanish version of the patriotic song if you go to this official US State Department website. But the grandest irony of all is that the criticism comes from non other than AWOL George, a preznit who can barely speak English himself.

Republican Primary May Lead to Court Battle

We always knew that elections could be rough, but this NC House primary is showing that the Republicans are not adverse to litigation despite their calls to close of courts to litigants:

State House candidate Marilyn Avila is threatening to sue her primary opponent because she claims he is spreading lies about her. Eddins, who represents far North Raleigh and a large chunk of northern Wake County, has sent out postcards saying Avila "doesn't pay her own taxes" and has run a newspaper ad that calls her "an embarrassment" because she "owes taxes on her failed businesses from 1988!"

Support Democratic Judges Part II

I hope Targator won't mind that I'm hijacking his topic (original story found here) to add something I found on the NCDP web site. Here is a link to a handy dandy PDF printout. There are two handouts per page and it's very nicely done. This is perfect for those of us working polls on Tuesday. Even if you aren't working polls you can print a few of these off to remind family and friends which names on the ballot belong to Democrats.

Another Dem Down,One Of My Worst Nights! DQ-Thanks for your words tonight, This is something I must do!

The Great Charles Taylor formed a Veterans Committie to meet monthly although nothing ever gets done. Jim, A Democrat was on it and worked tirelessly to help us Brother vets. If no one has a objection I would like to honor my fellow Dem & friend. I cant get to rest tonight until it is said and you are my family. Danny


A Tribute to Major. James Bowman By Danny Siler-Joint Service Officer/PAO Past Commander, American Legion Post 192 On Saturday Afternoon, I found out by way of my Commander that I had lost a true friend and Brother! A man who was a patriot and warrior if the truest form. A man who loved this country and was so very proud of it and what it stood for. A man who helped me to understand the true meaning of the words Duty, Honor, Country. He was also a native American who was very proud of his Cherokee Heritage and his people.


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