Senate Poised to Send Anglico to Jail

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CHAPEL HILL - In a move that can only be described as pandering to American pseudo-patriots, the US Senate, led by Chickenhawk Richard Burr, is once again taking up a bill that will make desecration of the American flag unconsitutional. The story in USA Today, reports the sorry turn of events.

"It's scary close," said Terri Schroeder of the American Civil Liberties Union, which opposes the amendment. "People think it's something that's never going to happen. ... The reality is we're very close to losing this battle."

Rove off the Hook?

If you can believe Robert Luskin, Karl Rove's attorney, Patrick Fitzgerald has sent him a letter saying that Rove will not be charged with any wrongdoing in the outing of a CIA operative.

The New York Times has this story running. I'm surprised that Luskin, media darling that he is, didn't give this to his favorite stenographers at The Washington Post. They must have had a tiff.

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If only NC was as gay as DC

I finally got back from DC's Capital Pride festival this weekend. It was a blast. Almost (if not more than) 200,000 people participated in the parade and street festival on Saturday and Sunday (respectively). I've never seen so many LGBT people gathered in the same spot in my entire life.

The DC LGBT festival kind of makes our 8,000 (approx.) strong NC Pride look like nothing. I'm kind of sad... I'm wishing North Carolina was as accepting as the DC community (I also wish we had more openly gay folk around here).

US House Thinks About Doing Its Damn Job

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In a surprising move worthy of real adults, the US House of Representatives stands on the tentative verge of actually having a staged debate about Bush's War in Iraq. Will wonders never stop ceasing! Here's the story from the Christian Science Monitor.

WASHINGTON – The No. 1 issue for American voters - the future of the Iraq war - moves to the fore this week, both among President Bush's wartime advisers and on the floor of Congress. For supporters of the war, long thirsting for signs of progress, the timing seems fortuitous. Last week, US forces killed Iraq's most wanted terrorist, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and the Iraqi prime minister finally completed his national-unity government. Monday, at Camp David, the president gathered his war cabinet and outside experts for a two-day strategy session, and Wednesday he meets at the White House with the bipartisan Iraq Study Group. In Congress, both houses are set to vote for supplemental war funding.

UNC Board Games

NC Policy Watch raises a whole bunch of eyebrows this morning with its dead-on assessment of the UNC Board of Governors and their propensity for questionable judgment. The way I see it, there's no more than a handful of Rich White Guys for Bidness and Industry running the show here in North Carolina these days. Basnight, Black, Easley and Pope are the first tier. Then there's a back-bench club of also-rans, of which tobacco lobbyist Jim Phillips is apparently a member.

It is not surprising that lobbyists are on the Board, considering how Board members are chosen. They are elected by the General Assembly. People who want to serve in effect lobby legislators for support. Who better at that than people paid to lobby for a living?

The Right's Attempted Monopoly on Being Tools

Here's a guy who is mighty proud of himself for going to Yearly Kos and trying to start an altercation and mighty miffed at the progressives for not being in Vegas just to get into a pissing contest. It's funny—my favorite part is when he says that if liberals came to a conservative convention, the conservatives sure as hell would have been rude to them! Link via Ogre.


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