Drinking Liberally: What Kind of Liberal Are You?

Yes, you come to Drinking Liberally, and you support liberal causes and candidates. But what do you call yourself? Are you a progressive? A Democrat? A radical communitarian? A lesbian ethicist? And if you're any of these, are you also a liberal?

The right-wing noise machine started tarring the word 'liberal' in the 1980s, equating liberal with everything from communism to terrorism. In our effort to reclaim the word, it's helpful to know what it means and where it comes from:

Statewide Protests of Brown Execution

There will be protests in nine North Carolina cities to protest the execution of Willie Brown today. Sorry that I did not get this out there sooner, but I just found the information on all of the events this morning. If you have time and are interested in voicing your opposition to the State of North Carolina killing in your name, please attend one of these:

What matters most?

In the swirling miasma of the lottery, the Puppetmaster, lying Congressmen, and politicians who place expediency above ethics, it can be hard to know which particular form of political sleaze matters most. And while I find myself getting caught up in all of them at various times, crushing the Bush Family Crime Ring is the driving force behind my political life right now.

Drinking Liberally Chapel Hill

I figure this announcement should be good for attendance: my appearance tonight at DL will be brief—I've got an exam in the morning and I'm still working out the differences between § 11 and § 12 claims under the Securities Act of 1933. So if you've been staying home to avoid me, tonight's your big night!

The meeting is, as always, at Tyler's in Carrboro (102 E. Main St.), back in the speakeasy.

Rhodes v Tillis: GOP Family Feud

We've had a few comments on this race from Republicans visiting the site, so when I saw this posted on Charlotte.com, I thought I would see what interesting tidbits I could learn about the race.

I don't usually like to enter the Republican mind. It's a dark scary place, full of cobwebs, traps and noxious gasses. (Remember, I have personal experience with trying to figure out the Republican mind since I'm married to one.)

Find out what's so odd about this one below the fold..


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