But What About That Guy Next to Me

N.C. Senate votes to ban cell phone use for teen drivers, but they still think it is okay for the rest of us. Despite this factoid from a bill supporter, Austin Allran (R):

“I think it’s a good idea. Cell phone use while driving … increases your chances of a wreck four times.”

While the teens are faced with a violation for talking on their cell phone while driving, the guy next to me is only face with the possibility of either ki

Shuler Interview at CQPolitics.com

I feel that I represent the people of the district. I grew up in a small town, my father was a mailman, people can relate to me. I have been actively involved in the community for many years. Name recognition certainly helps. I was in the schools or in their churches, in their civic organizations far before I ever thought about running for Congress. People know me, they know who I am as a person.

Go read. Anglico beat me to the punch

CQ Politics Hearts Shuler

Just found this interview with the Man Who Will Kick Chuck Taylor Out of Congress.

The battle for North Carolina’s 11th District seat is shaping up to be the most competitive of the state’s 13 House contests, in a year in which the state has no races for the Senate or governor.

Just overlook they fact that they seem to be oblivious to the action over in NC-8. Duh. Must not be able to chew gum and walk at the same time.

Appalachia Thanks Congress (for giving their next pay raise to US!)

(Cross-posted at the Appalachian Voices blog) I hope yall will forgive my temporary absence from the BlueNC scene. I've had quite a bit goin on, and Im glad to be back!.

According to the US Census Bureau, Appalachian States continue to be the poorest in the country.

Median annual incomes for the Southern and Central Appalachians:

Alabama- $45,768

Georgia- $49,745

Kentucky- $43,953

Maryland- $69,695

North Carolina- $47,112

Poor billionaires

George W. Bush's efforts to repeal the estate tax went down in flames today in the Senate. This diary at Daily Kos has the details. If you read through the comments, you'll see a note about the number of people in Washington State who would be affected by the tax: 1.5%. Does anyone know how we might calculate such a figure for North Carolina? It would be interesting to ask Richard Burr and Elizabeth Dole, two of the suckiest senators in US history, why they voted to help X percent of North Carolina's silver spooners get even richer at a time when the government will be running record-breaking deficits as far as the eye can see.

In Rowan, GOP Stands for Grand Old Parasites

Wow. I didn’t know that being the party of limited government meant standing up for waterborne bacteria. Here in Rowan, our state and local elected officials have declined to endorse the Clean Water Bonds. They're worried that the bulk of the money will go down east.

Well, so what? I have relatives in Brunswick County. I don’t begrudge them clean water any more than I do my own family. Besides, many Rowan residents vacation down east. Guess from now on, I’ll have to pick up some bottles of Evian in addition to suntan lotion before we make a road trip to the beach, to prevent both sunburn and typhoid.

Get Paid to Kick Republican Ass

This was sent out to Drinking Liberally chapters, and with permission I pass it on to you. Sounds exciting!


Grassroots Campaigns is hiring field organizers to work with MoveOn.org Political Action to defeat Republican Members of Congress and the Bush-Radical Right agenda. Mobilize citizen activists to win the most closely contested House and Senate seats throughout the country. Responsibilities include working with the media; recruiting, training and managing volunteers; and voter contact and mobilization. Organizers must be willing to travel extensively and must have access to a car. Hiring immediately to build for the 2006 election.


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