Wake County Commissioner Candidate Goes Off the Deep End

Local politics is so much fun. None of the scripted plays of the national level. Take this gem dug up by WakePol for example...

Republican County Commission candidate, Micheal Luther, has asked to debate the School Board. Luther apparently does not feel like debating his primary opponent and incumbent, Tony Gurley, since they are "friends". The School Board was needless to say shocked:

[School Board Member Carol Parker]I'm surprised at your request to debate the school board — generally when you run for office you debate your opponent. Each of us have been through campaigning and were elected by the voters.

NC-08: I'm Larry Kissell and You CAN Make a Difference!

I'm Larry Kissell, and I'm running for Congress.

It may be corny, but I really do believe that one person can make a difference -- and that is why I'm running. I couldn't sit back anymore and just complain about the state of my country. Whether you are religious or not, I hope you can understand the feeling of being called to something and realizing that whatever the obstacles, you have to see it through. It hasn't been easy, especially as a regular working American, and far from a wealthy one after 27 years in textiles. I've had to spend a great deal of time away from my family. I have used credit cards to loan my campaign more than $35,000. And I have pledged to take a leave of absence from teaching this fall.

Taylor reads the tea leaves

We've all been following Chuck Taylor's latest screw-up, having refused for two years to put $10 million in federal funding toward a national memorial to the flight. It looks like the old weasel is changing his mind.

Family members met with Taylor's staff Wednesday. In a rare national television interview, Taylor explained that he wants to make sure private funding commitments will be met so that the federal government won't be left on the hook. And three Pennsylvania lawmakers pledged that the federal funding will come through this year.

Myrick reads the paper

According to the News and Observer evil twin of the Charlotte Observer, it looks like Sue's been reading the paper lately to get the facts she need to put on the illusion of being a responsible representative. After the Charlotte Observer's good coverage of the ins-and-outs of immigrants in the workforce, Sue Myrick is introducing bills this week to prevent illegal use of Social Security numbers and crack down on North Carolina road builders who hire illegal immigrants.

High Noon in Chatham

It's hard to summarize this excellent story by Jennifer Strom at the Independent, wife of Bill Strom, who serves on the Chapel Hill Town Council. It's not the kind of thing you'd see in major North Carolina daily newspaper, which is why I don't subscribe to one anymore.

If you don't have time to read this now, come back and check it out later. It explores sleaze and bitterness in local politics, with a special emphasis on the environmental and quality-of-life impacts that occur when a community sells its soul to busienss interests.

Asheville's Drinking Liberally: Primary Madness!

Tension crackles through spring's damp cool. Voters across western North Carolina are on the edges of their stumps, stools, and pews. The Red Cross has opened a nail-biting triage unit in Methylvania County. Suspense drives local blog commenters named Anonymous to rant at Scrutiny Hooligans, "What in the hell is wrong with you people?? This has got to be the identity crisis that signals the end of time. Go Mike Morgan!"


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