McHenry: "blown away" to be named House's next Tom Delay

North Carolina's own freshman congressidiot Patrick McHenry (R-11) was mentioned today in the Washington Times as one of three candidates for the dubious position as the "House's next Tom Delay."

"I'm blown away ... I'm so excited that Tom DeLay would say that about me"

Does that mean he's planning to redistrict North Carolina illegally, cheat Native Americans out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, illegally redirect campaign funds, reverse any and all kinds of (small d) democratic reforms, block much-needed ethics investigations, live and travel like a King while presenting himself as a "common man," bullying fellow Republicans into voting against their consciences time after time after time and what else?


You may or may not know that our government is having recess. Some Senators and Representatives will use this time to bolster sagging popularity numbers back home and others will hit the road - most on "official" trips. So, where are our North Carolina politicians going to be this week?

It's worth going to the flip side...

Immigration Protests hit NC

About 100 people joined a cross-state march for immigrant rights, while hundreds of Latinos prepared to skip work or boycott all purchases on Monday as part of immigrant rights demonstrations being staged nationwide.

From NBC 17.
The protesters are making their way to Raleigh on Friday:

The march, demanding fair treatment for migrant workers in North Carolina, started in Lenoir and was to pass through Siler City, Durham and other communities before its culmination Friday in Raleigh.

Bush's Poll Ratings Continue to Freefall

A Washington Post/ABC News Poll shows that the President's approval rating has sunk even lower. The poll was conducted April 6-9, so information about the leaks coming from the Oval Office and Bush's encounter with Harry Taylor should have figured in to the responses. The Republican loyalists that I've spoken with think Bush handled his first enounter with the First Amendment reasonable well. That doesn't seem to have helped his numbers much, though.

Scott McClellen might differ with me on whether it is a leak if the President declassified the information. I have news for Scotty. Most Americans I know are tired of going along with the administration in their semantics games. When the President selectively leaks information to fool the American people or to discredit one man who speaks out against him, most Americans know that is wrong. There will always be a group of nut rubbers who will go along with anything the President does or says, but they are in the minority if poll numbers are correct.

More on the flip side...

John Edwards Backs Feingold's Censure Motion

John Edwards has spoken out in support of Senator Russ Feingold's censure motion. With all that is coming out now about the selective leaking of classified information you just have to wonder if we will jump right into impeachment. Wouldn't it be refreshing to see a Republican required to obey the law?

The story on Edwards is in The Charlotte Observer.

Puppetmaster to Puppets: Kill the Minimum Wage

Judging from the frenzy of stories condemning an increase in minimum wage as the death knell of democracy, Art Pope must be in a swivet these days. The John Locke Foundation's Carolina Journal is simply bristling with studies and ruminations about the horrors of government interference in the free markets. No need to go read any of it . . . the stories are all the same. Decent wages for the working poor are bad. More money for Art "the Puppetmaster" Pope is good. Think about that the next time you're tempted to shop at Roses, which is owned by the Puppetmaster. He's not willing to pay his workers a living wage, even though he spends a couple hundred thousand each month pushing his radical rightwing agenda. The guy is become a caricature of himself. Kind of sad in a way.

McMahan & NCGOP Party Disloyalty

NCRumors is trying to get to the bottom of the story about Ed McMahan and allegations of "party disloyalty." The article includes reference to those emails between Clary and Pope, and it provides the NCGOP's definition of party disloyalty (it's bad) and its possible consequences (they're bad). BlueNC gets mention as "a blog produced by Democrat party faithful."

It's late and I'd rather go to bed than chase the story farther tonight, but I have a feeling that it won't be disappearing any time soon.


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