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EDIT: I just spent a little time figuring out how to post to the blog from my cameraphone via Flickr. I can help with this if anyone needs it—you never know when 'net activism means getting a picture up fast. The same principles will apply to using blogging clients like ecto to compose your posts before sending them to BlueNC. Let me know if it's something I can help with.

Graham County Dem Convention

Well, We seemed to enjoy a pretty good Convention and Meal last night.
Sheriff Bob Debruhl brought up several good points concerning the building of a new Jail and challenged DA Mike Bonfoey if he would place a full time Asst. Da in Graham County if the Office Space was provided.

State Senator John Snow(NC-50) was in attendance and offered his help in obtaining help with the DA Problem & Jail issue when asked. Senator Snow has truly made progress for this little county in the field of Jobs and also introduced the Meth Bill which has put a major hurt on it. He is also responsible along with Heath Shuler and the county Commissioners in the creation of our new Veterans Service Office.

How do you feel! Is it another Iraq?

I found the following at http://stopwaroniran.org/petition.shtml . When ya read it it does seem to make sense. I will be following this situation closely so I will try to keep you up to date. Be advised ,If you sign this petition it has a page of exactly who you what it to go to . Charles Taylor, Liz Dole & Richard Burr are listed to click on. Also it is in a format that you can add to.

President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of State Rice, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, U.N. Secretary-General Annan, Congressional Leaders and media representatives:

It is with grave concern that I observe the growing threat of a new U.S. war--this time against the people of Iran.

Lies! Lies! & More Lies! And then there Was Iran!

Lies, Lies, Lies
Bush, Iraq, and Iran
The Bush Administration, members of
Congress from both parties, and the corporate
media are engaged in a campaign of demonization
against the people of Iran.
The media is filled with reports of an alleged
nuclear threat posed by Iran and the assumed
need for the U.S. to take military action. These
reports recall the "Weapons of Mass
Destruction" stories issued in the months
leading up to the war on Iraq.
In order to put the Administration’s statements
about Iran in context, it is helpful to review its
claims about Iraq:
“Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam

See Jane Kick Ass

I truly wish I were smart and talented enough to have written this. If you do nothing else today, please read the essay below. It is as complete and brilliant an indictment of the Republican right as anything I've ever seen. (Already posted as a comment elsewhere.)

World War III

Just on the off chance that you haven't been keeping up with the liberal media over the past few days, there are two things I'd like to draw to your attention. First is this scary story being leaked by Pentagon insiders about the Bush regime warming up for attacking Iran. Some say it's just rhetoric or contingency planning at this point, but I say rhetoric and contingency planning are just two steps on the path to another preemptive war. I almost wish it would happen, because it would truly be the end of the neocon era . . . but it would also be the start of horrorific world war.

John Armor Quote of the Day

"A jail break is still a jail break, even if the 'criminals' are not trying to escape, but trying to keep from being jailed in the first place." (source)

Let's play a game: I'll try to come up with sentences that make just as much sense as the last one, and then you leave yours in the comments!

"A chocolate cake is still a chocolate cake, even if the 'ingredients' are not mixed and baked, but left in a bag on my back porch."


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