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As ya'll know by now, the right wing Puppetshow (aka, the John Locke Foundation) doesn't allow commentary on their statewide blogs. They do, however, have some local blogs that I visit from time to time to see what the Puppet munchkins are up to. It's occasionally enlightening, sometimes amusing, and mostly scary. For example, take this missive (please) from one Zeb Wright in Wilmington.

Larry Kissell is Ready to Win in November

First, let me set you straight. I'm not some giddy little school girl - far from it. Meeting Larry Kissell made my day, yesterday. When I planned to go to the Mecklenburg County Democratic Convention I hadn't thought about the candidates who might be there. Once I saw a few shaking hands, I made a beeline for the Larry Kissell table.

He is tall. Not imposing tall, but Mr. Smith-goes-to-Washington tall. Oh...and humble...yes, the humility is palpable, as is the honesty. This isn't some slick talking, in-your-face, self-annointed savior of the 8th District. Nope, just the opposite. Larry is real.

More about the Kissell campaign below the fold.

ATTN: Lance!

Lance Please send me a e mail @ dlsiler2006 with a reply addy. I need to forward something to you.
Dan Siler-Spooky

500 Lies of Bush Admin,Taylor,Bush,Burr! Or 500 reasons not to vote for them!

For those of us that can remember Crosby,Stills,Nash & Young, They had a song with the lyrics, "You Find The Cost Of Freedom Burried In the Ground". These words are so true!Robert, My friend, I hope that this will get our point across we were discussing. I wish I could get it on all Blogs but I am not that computer smart. I even thought the old PTSD would kick in. But it is all true!

"500 0ut of 2000 lies told by the Bush Admin, Charles Taylor, Liz Dole & Richard Burr or 500 reasons to vote them out of office"! Be sure to turn on speakers, No bad words. Paste the following into your browser.

Baptist men

Having been raised a Southern Baptist, I have a love-hate relationship with all things religious. But when I see things like this, it does my heart good.

Thanks to voluteers, a new home is going up on Myrtle Street amid the destruction at Point Cadet.

The North Carolina Baptist Men are building the new house for Curtis Lopez and his family. Lopez is a Biloxi fireman who was chosen by the CBS Morning Show to receive a brand new house.

what's up for the Charlotte Bush appearance?

I'd like to know if anyone is planning a counter event for the April 6 Bush Charlotte press event?

10:45 am THE PRESIDENT makes Remarks on the Global War on Terror

TBD Location | Charlotte, North Carolina


Is Mel Watt going to make any comments? Is anyone dialed into Charlotte activism? Whatever is done should probably precede the event because it's clearly designed to catch the noon news and might not get much coverage if it's afterwards.

Last time he came to NC (Kernersville), there wasn't enough notice to get a permit and the Kernersville police said their city attorney considered one person holding a sign a picket, requiring 72 hours notice which, of course, the Bush folks knew not to give.

Taylor's latest photo op turns ugly . . . well, into real journalism - oops

Shocking news out of Henderson County. Charles Taylor showed up for his normal bi-annual pre-election "I'm wonderful" photo op tour and an out-of-control real journalist showed up to cover it.

In an alarming set-back to the normally all-powerful, media-dominating Taylor campaign apparatus, a Jonathan Rich of the Hendersonville Times-News actually included another point of view in his article about Taylor getting credit for something he had nothing to do with.

It started out well for Taylor in an article titled "Treasury secretary Snow visits BRCC" [okay -- I'm not sure how to do the link for it:


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