TTA Deal Struck For Regional Rail

The TTA has just reached an agreement with Norfolk Southern that ensures that they have access to all 28 miles needed to complete the proposed Triangle Regional Rail Line:

The agreements with Norfolk Southern gives the TTA access to the corridors necessary to build the 28-mile rail transit system, which is schedule to have 12 stations connecting Durham, Research Triangle Park, Cary and Raleigh.

Your Internet is at Risk. Time to Act.

dKos: "It's hard to imagine that the Internet, that vast free-flowing world of entertainment, enlightenment, education, and interaction could be fettered, but under this legislation it very well could be. Internet service provision in the U.S. is covered by telecommunications law, and has operated under the idea of "network neutrality." In it's early years, telephone companies provided most Web service, and carried most of the traffic. Because of the nature of laws regulating phone service, Web traffic was handled just like phone traffic, each "call" being equal. That means every page you surf to on the Internet is served up just like any other, as far as your ISP is concerned. You can go from to Aunt Harriet's family history blog equally."

Losin' it

I sit down and compose a thoughtful email letter to our dear Lieutenant Governor to find out where she stands on the minimum wage, then wait on pins and needles to get an equally thoughtful reply. And lo and behold, it arrives!

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Thank you for E-mailing Lieutenant Governor Beverly Perdue's Office. Your message has been received.

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The End of Apple Chill

It looks like the shootings last night may have ended the Chapel Hill street festival known as Apple Chill. The cutely named festival, which was intended as a folksy art festival, will not happen again according to Mayor Foy:

"The (Town) Council's first responsibility to the citizens is public safety," Foy said in a written news release issued Monday afternoon. "We cannot continue to be confident that Apple Chill can be conducted in a way that is safe for citizens. I want to end Apple Chill. Tonight, I will ask the Council to give our staff that directive. Yesterday was the last Apple Chill."

Dear Walter Jones.

I've been taking your email updates for awhile now - long enough to have an opinion about them in general. And that opinion is this: I sure hope you're not spending taxpayer money to send out this crap:

Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman is reminding consumers about the Department of Energy's (DOE) gasoline price reporting system. Consumers can report activity at local gasoline filling stations that they believe may constitute "gouging" or "price fixing" by visiting Price gouging, price fixing, and other forms of collusion by suppliers or retailers may violate federal or state law, and may be subject to prosecution by federal or state enforcement authorities.


I quoted the wrong numbers for Robin Hayes in my Kissel write up last week. While it doesn't make that big of a difference, I don't like to print the wrong information without a correction. Blogger hasn't been working today, but I just wanted ya'll to know that I'm aware I had a bit of a goof and I will be writing up a correction for the front page.

I could offer any number of excuses or explanations, but it was likely the fact that I have so many FEC files saved to my computer and had too much cold medicine in me on Wednesday.

The good news is, that while Robin Hayes pulled in a few more thousand in contributions than I attributed to him, there were two huge sums of money that caught my eye.

Poverty and the Environment

The NC Conservation Network is posting a series on poverty and the environment:

Inspired by a recent seven week series on Grist online magazine on poverty and the environment, we will launch a weeklong discussion of the topic “Poverty and the Environment in NC” on our blog starting Monday April 24. Here’s a preview of what’s to come...

Our own Grady McCallie will start things off with an analysis of the link between poverty and environmental issues in North Carolina. Then three grassroots activists, Kathy Knight, Frank Warren, and Hope Taylor-Guevara, will be adding their thoughts.


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