Our Goverment At Work! And on their Best Day!

Fellow Blue NCers, This one is a Shocker! A real Shocker! Knowing what I know though it isn’t hard to believe!

. - James L. Hogan got some shocking news in the mail last month. He'd been dead for months, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The department wrote to the Vietnam veteran's "estate" seeking a return of the $23,231 in veteran benefits issued to Hogan since his "death." "Based on that amount, I figure I must've died sometime around July," said Hogan, who is alive and living in Florence. "I'm still trying to get an answer as to who signed my death certificate." Although Hogan has kept a sense of humor about the mistake, it's caused plenty of problems.

And our Leaders Say it is All OK!

I must admit, I was even Shocked to read this! I would not have thought of it.

WASHINGTON -- The number of U.S. Army soldiers who took their own lives increased last year to the highest total since 1993, despite a growing effort by the Army to detect and prevent suicides. In 2005, a total of 83 soldiers committed suicide, compared with 67 in 2004, and 60 in 2003 - the year U.S.-led forces invaded Iraq. Four other deaths in 2005 are being investigated as possible suicides but have not yet been confirmed. The totals include active duty Army soldiers and deployed National Guard and Reserve troops.

Anyone in our group ride a Bike?

On May 20,2006 American Legion Post 192 along with VFW Post 8635 will be sponsoring a ride to benifit the troops. It will be lead by a USMC Humvee and Marines. It will travel the Nationaly known "Tail of The Dragon" and back across the Cherohala Skyway.All funds will benifit the Post re-Building fund.

The Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, with 318 curves in 11 miles, is America ’s number one motorcycle and sports car road. The nearby Cherohala Skyway is quickly becoming number two with its remote 60 miles of scenic mountain highway. The area also has other roads less traveled, but just as exciting.

N.C. Roads: Brought to You by Illegal Immigration

According to this report, a large chunk of the $1 billion the NCDOT spends every year to build roads in North Carolina is paid to workers with falsified social security numbers, presumably because they are illegal.

There are so many issues with this that I have not been able to wrap my head around a coherent post. But generally, this proves the value of immigration to our society (we need roads, right), but it also shows that the immigration is artificially keeping the costs of roads down. Also, these could be high paying construction jobs, not the jobs typically thought to belong to illegals.

Actual Vote Robin Hudson Blog Entry

As we've seen the impact that the judiciary has on the way we live our lives over the past few years in our increasingly litigious society, we should be reminded how important it is to elect good judges, and insofar as the race for the Justice Wainwright's seat on the NC supreme court the best judge that we could elect would be Robin Hudson.

While I am by no means an expert on the judicial race, nor do I have a vast amount of knowledge on the entire legal careers of the candidates I do personally know Judge Robin Hudson, and I know that she is one of the most strong, intelligent, fair, and hard-working women I have ever met. Beyond the endorsements she has recieved (listed below) and what you can read about her in the media, I can assure you that she is an incredibly impressive woman and a wonderful, thoughtful person who is running for Justice because she wants to serve the state. Judge Hudson is the best candidate in this race.


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