Appalachian Voices blog Up and Running!!!

The new Appalachian Voices blog is shoving off today across the great Southern American blogosphere!

As we embark on this journey I invite you to join us for Mountain Oyesters and barbeque, sweet tea and moonshine, Smokey Mountains and Clean Smokestacks!

The Appalachian region has traditionally been more in need of Democrats and progressive leaders than any region in the country. We are victims of some of the highest poverty in the country, some of the worst air and water quality, some of the highest unemployment, lowest median family incomes, and highest mortality rates during wartime.

Artesian Economics

We have long heard the benefits extolled of trickle-down economics, from no less than Hoover, Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II - arguably four of the worst economic President's of all time. I'll give Reagan the cold war, but not that he fought it on the backs of workers while the wealthy got wealthier.

Trickle down economics posits that if all tax cuts are given to the wealthiest individuals and corporations, then they will spend that money investing in new jobs and increasing profits and wages for their workers. Thus, the bolus of money at the top will slowly trickle down to every American.

Puppet economics

When a bit player from the Art Pope Puppetshow starts spouting lessons in economic theory, it's always a good idea to bring your hip waders. You can be sure you'll hear a lot about the power of free markets and enough trickle down bullshit to float any right wing boat. Which is exactly what Jon Sanders at the John Locke Foundation does this morning. Sanders has been an adjunct at NCSU in economics (which most likely means he couldn't get a real faculty job) and now he's paid to shill for the Puppetmaster. Today's missive starts with the obligatory swipe at a dedicated public servant, John Edwards, who does more in one day to help people in North Carolina than Jon Sanders will do in a lifetime.

Last Day To Register!

If you aren't registered to vote where you live by this afternoon, no primary for you! If you are registered, get someone else registered today. Also, today is the last day to change your party affiliation before the May primaries.

I absolutely heart Harry Taylor

He's my man.

And this blog entry has absolutely nothing to do with my need for an opportunity to practice the html to embed a photo, oops, I mean "image."

Not that I want to digress from the lovin' I'm feelin'. Heck, I'm so full of the pash I'll even spread the gooey stuff over the AP's Tim Whitmire, Washington Post's Peter Baker and the New York Times' (Jim Rutenberg the "Charlotte Observer's" Carrie Levine and anyone else who mentioned either Harry's question, the protests outside, OR the fact that they couldn't get takers on the 1000 tickets to attend the event.


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