DC for Democracy: "Change the Course in Iraq"

Hi, all. I'm not a N Carolinian, I'm with DC for Democracy. But please take a minute to read.

I was wondering if anyone could help pump up, organize, or publicize our now-nationwide "Change the Course in Iraq" initiative.

DCFD has spearheaded a campaign, with DFA's help, to gather 218 signatures for the Discharge Petition for H Res 543, which would force the House to debate the current situation in Iraq for the first time since 2002. (We are currently at 95.) Under H Res 543, any and every proposed amendment must be considered and voted upon.

What will it take?

Check out the Asheville Citizen Times front page.

Or the Hendersonville Times-News Online.

What's missing?

Not the castration story or American Idol, Thank God:

• Court case involving castration suspects postponed (11:08 am)
• Band performance to honor WCU students who died in waterfall accident (9:02 am)
• Eastbound lane of Interstate 26 closed for maintenance (8:08 am)

Hickory paper hearts Carsner over McDweeb

Unlike in its neighboring 11th district, not every paper in the 10th is bowing to the Republican party line. Today the Hickory Daily Record gave the love to their home boy, Congressional Candidate Richard Carsner over wannabe slimeball-in-chief Patrick McHenry (R-10).

Richard Carsner, a Democrat who is McHenry’s opponent for the U.S. House, said the hearing Tuesday was political grandstanding. He questions McHenry’s efforts to address the meth epidemic.

Martinez Goes Indy

I try not to give too much attention to libertarian types like Rick Martinez at the News and Observer. They're always full of advice about how government should operate, but the truth is, they HATE government and they suck at it as well. But today Martinez puts himself in the spotlight to declare that he's renouncing his membership in the Republican party.

Before the day is done, I'll make my way down to the Orange County Board of Elections and become an unaffiliated voter. That will bring to a close my 34 years as a Republican. Like Ronald Reagan when he left the Democratic Party, I'm not abandoning the Republican ideals of self-reliance, fiscal responsibility and limited government. It's the party has abandoned those principles and waved goodbye to me.

NC House Committee Recommends Healthcare Fixes

North Carolina's House Select Committee on Health Care has come up with some recommendations for the full House to consider when they reconvene. (In a short session like 2006, the legislature can only consider certain types of bills; one of these includes bills that come as recommendations from a committee.) What follows is dreived from reporting by the Winston-Salem Journal. I'm working on getting a copy of the recommendations themselves.

Making a Molehill out of a Mountain?

There's a a primary a'brewing in NC House district 98 (Mecklenburg County). It has been a hot topic of discussion here at BlueNC, and has been profiled as a showdown between the new guard and old guard Republicans in the South. Sounds spicy, right? But according to Joseph Coletti over at the Locker Room, the race isn't about much more than cafeteria food. Are these guys paying attention?

Give A Few Dollars Today for Maximum Effect

Today is the last day of the first fundraising period, Rory Blake (6th district candidate, Democrat) is looking to be able to show the world that he's a serious contender. One way to do that is to show that he's raised a lot of money. Another way, perhaps more important, is to be able to show that he has a lot of donors, regardless of donation size. This is where you come in.

Break out the credit card and make a contribution today, even if it's just few bucks. I'm going to.


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