North Carolina Getting Trashed

12 million plus pounds of litter were picked up off of North Carolina roadways in 2005. The N&O has a story on it here:

Last year, prison inmates and state highway workers removed 10.2 million pounds of litter from state roadways, at a taxpayer cost of $16.3 million -- up from 2004.

Private cleanup efforts netted almost 2 million pounds more in 2005.

I participated in the Neuse River Clean-Up a couple of weeks ago and lifted a whole canoe full of litter out of a three mile stretch on the Neuse and was followed by five other canoes filled to the top as well. On my way back from the event, I saw a woman throw a cigarette butt out of her window, and I almost went ballistic. I was so pissed that I spent all of my time cleaning up trash and had to watch someone litter in plain sight.

Mel Watt Addresses His Silence on the McKinney Case

I admit I am biased. I really like Mel Watt. He may not be perfect, but he is very classy and intelligent. He also has some nice committee seats that could come into play if he keeps them after next November. (Judiciary)

I won't rehash the Observer article, but it looks like Tim Funk is copying BlueNC's question and answer articles. This is certainly worth the time it takes to read.

Here's the link.

Never Buy From

No political content here, but I wanted to get back at Overstock a little for their horrible costumer service and products.

I bought a computer from them. Within three months, it was not working. They would not accept a return of the product. I called the tech support who was completely unhelpful and would not give a service company to physically take my computer in to. I had to contact Overstock 15-20 times (many times talking to someone in India without a clue of the company or how to help me) and threaten to sue to get them to get the service company to allow me to send in my computer for repair. When the computer got back weeks later, it was missing an operating system and cannot run anything. I would call them again but am worried that it would be more hassle.

McHenry: "blown away" to be named House's next Tom Delay

North Carolina's own freshman congressidiot Patrick McHenry (R-11) was mentioned today in the Washington Times as one of three candidates for the dubious position as the "House's next Tom Delay."

"I'm blown away ... I'm so excited that Tom DeLay would say that about me"

Does that mean he's planning to redistrict North Carolina illegally, cheat Native Americans out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, illegally redirect campaign funds, reverse any and all kinds of (small d) democratic reforms, block much-needed ethics investigations, live and travel like a King while presenting himself as a "common man," bullying fellow Republicans into voting against their consciences time after time after time and what else?


You may or may not know that our government is having recess. Some Senators and Representatives will use this time to bolster sagging popularity numbers back home and others will hit the road - most on "official" trips. So, where are our North Carolina politicians going to be this week?

It's worth going to the flip side...

Immigration Protests hit NC

About 100 people joined a cross-state march for immigrant rights, while hundreds of Latinos prepared to skip work or boycott all purchases on Monday as part of immigrant rights demonstrations being staged nationwide.

From NBC 17.
The protesters are making their way to Raleigh on Friday:

The march, demanding fair treatment for migrant workers in North Carolina, started in Lenoir and was to pass through Siler City, Durham and other communities before its culmination Friday in Raleigh.

Bush's Poll Ratings Continue to Freefall

A Washington Post/ABC News Poll shows that the President's approval rating has sunk even lower. The poll was conducted April 6-9, so information about the leaks coming from the Oval Office and Bush's encounter with Harry Taylor should have figured in to the responses. The Republican loyalists that I've spoken with think Bush handled his first enounter with the First Amendment reasonable well. That doesn't seem to have helped his numbers much, though.

Scott McClellen might differ with me on whether it is a leak if the President declassified the information. I have news for Scotty. Most Americans I know are tired of going along with the administration in their semantics games. When the President selectively leaks information to fool the American people or to discredit one man who speaks out against him, most Americans know that is wrong. There will always be a group of nut rubbers who will go along with anything the President does or says, but they are in the minority if poll numbers are correct.

More on the flip side...


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