Military Turning On Bush

I was very glad to see this story about a retired general officer finally coming out about the disatrous tenure of Donald Rumsfeld. Read the whole article, which is a call for active duty military officers to go public in their disgust for AWOL George and his criminal war in Iraq.

"I retired from the military four months before the invasion, in part because of my opposition to those who had used 9/11's tragedy to hijack our security policy," General Newbold wrote.

It's about time.

Chad Adams Betrays Puppetmaster

If you're not familiar with a minor league Puppet named Chad Adams, who directs the John Locke Foundation Center for Local Innovation, you're in for a treat. Adams also serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Lee County Commission. He was first elected in 1998 and is now serving in his second term.

Now being a good Puppet, you'd expect Mr. Adams to be firmly opposed to any intrusions by government into the smooth functioning of the Holy Free Market, especially when such intrusions involve (gasp) economic development incentives. Indeed, railing against economic development is one of John Hood's favorite past times. Which makes it all the more surprising to discover that Chad Adams is a closet tax-and-spend librul prone to giving out public money for big, bad corporations. For example, consider this entry in the Lee County Commissioners minutes (attached) for June 6, 2005.

North Carolina Getting Trashed

12 million plus pounds of litter were picked up off of North Carolina roadways in 2005. The N&O has a story on it here:

Last year, prison inmates and state highway workers removed 10.2 million pounds of litter from state roadways, at a taxpayer cost of $16.3 million -- up from 2004.

Private cleanup efforts netted almost 2 million pounds more in 2005.

I participated in the Neuse River Clean-Up a couple of weeks ago and lifted a whole canoe full of litter out of a three mile stretch on the Neuse and was followed by five other canoes filled to the top as well. On my way back from the event, I saw a woman throw a cigarette butt out of her window, and I almost went ballistic. I was so pissed that I spent all of my time cleaning up trash and had to watch someone litter in plain sight.

Mel Watt Addresses His Silence on the McKinney Case

I admit I am biased. I really like Mel Watt. He may not be perfect, but he is very classy and intelligent. He also has some nice committee seats that could come into play if he keeps them after next November. (Judiciary)

I won't rehash the Observer article, but it looks like Tim Funk is copying BlueNC's question and answer articles. This is certainly worth the time it takes to read.

Here's the link.

Never Buy From

No political content here, but I wanted to get back at Overstock a little for their horrible costumer service and products.

I bought a computer from them. Within three months, it was not working. They would not accept a return of the product. I called the tech support who was completely unhelpful and would not give a service company to physically take my computer in to. I had to contact Overstock 15-20 times (many times talking to someone in India without a clue of the company or how to help me) and threaten to sue to get them to get the service company to allow me to send in my computer for repair. When the computer got back weeks later, it was missing an operating system and cannot run anything. I would call them again but am worried that it would be more hassle.


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