The fracking farce: rules approved

Not that it's a surprise to anyone, but the NC Mining & Energy Commission ignored the advice of legal counsel and rammed through a bad set of fracking rules to meet a stupid, arbitrary deadline.

North Carolina’s proposed fracking safety standards sailed through a rules review Wednesday despite a staff attorney’s warning that several rules failed to meet state standards and should be put out for public hearing.

New York set to ban fracking statewide

Cue the new GOP majority in the US Senate to outlaw the outlawing of fracking. Film at eleven.

Mining & Energy Commission to NC citizens: frack you!

In case there was ever any doubt, the NC Mining & Energy Commission has made it abundantly clear that it is nothing but a tool of the dirty-energy fracking industry.

The commission tasked with writing North Carolina’s fracking safety rules is not going to revise any of its proposed rules even though a staff recommendation this week from the N.C. Rules Review Commission said three of the rules require public comment before they can be approved.

Instead, the N.C. Mining and Energy Commission agreed Friday that it will argue that the Rules Review Commission should adopt all 124 proposed fracking rules.

You get what you vote for

The good folks of Lee County are up in arms about Duke Energy & Pollution's plan to dump coal ash in Sanford and Moncure.

If the comments made during a meeting inside the Lee County Board of Commissioners Room Monday night are any indication, Lee County residents do not want coal ash in their backyards.

“Who invited this idea,” one resident asked. “Why weren’t we notified sooner? And what is the purpose of bringing coal ash to our area?”

“If the coal ash dumping is so desirable, then why aren't the CEOs from Duke Power and their neighbors fighting to have it in their backyards,” another resident said.


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