Larry Kissell Earns Netroots Endorsement

For those of us who were initially disappointed that a netroots endorsement wasn't given to Larry Kissell after all of the diaries we wrote and after completely ruling the nominations process, we have something to celebrate.

The post is now up on the front page of MyDD and may follow at DailyKos. It is official. Larry Kissell has come from complete obscurity - a true underdog - and is now the darling of the online community. (I can't believe I just wrote that!...but I just had to...)

Join me on the flip side...

Larry Kissell, NC-08: Perfect Candidate for Netroots Endorsement

The netroots have opened up the nominations for endorsements again. Now that the May primary date has passed and Larry Kissell easily won in the 8th District it's time to make the case for his inclusion in the project.

First, Thank You to those who have supported Larry enthusiastically at DailyKos, MyDD, ePluribusMedia, and BlueNC through diaries written by his supporters and those he has written. This truly is an amazing community and an invaluable resource to candidates and their supporters. The campaign trail can be long and hard and it's wonderful to come here and feel the energy, which for us has been completely positive. I have to admit, I'm not formally with the campaign. I am an independent blogger, but my heart is behind Larry Kissell and I won't pretend to be even a tiny bit objective about his candidacy.

Please follow below the fold...

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