Tuesday Twitter roundup

Which is why I do my best to ignore polls, of any sort. Half of them are push-polls, nudging people to choose a particular opinion, and others give you a "middle of the road" option that is not present on the real ballot. And a false sense of security (or insecurity) does not help anyone.

Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


VOTERS SHOULDN'T BACK CANDIDATES WHO ARE ELECTION DENIERS: When it comes to upholding the results of elections in North Carolina and the United States – the most recent of which in 2020 for president have been shown to have been fair and free of manipulation – there is no room for equivocation. Incumbents who want to continue to represent this state in Washington -- but who voted to overturn the results of the 2020 elections and still stand with former President Donald Trump’s outlandish and false notion he defeated Joe Biden – do not deserve to return. On Jan. 6, 2021 Budd voted (along with every other North Carolina Republican member of the U.S. House except Patrick McHenry) to overturn the results of the 2020 election that Democrat Joe Biden clearly won. Budd said on Twitter at the time there were “irregularities (and) constitutional violations in the presidential election.” When it comes to pledging loyalty to our nation, Americans don’t swear to monarchs, dictators or deities. The pledge is to uphold protect and defend the Constitution. Loyalty to a political party or to a politician should NEVER override honesty, Integrity and the rule of law. I don't care if Budd swears on a stack of bibles he will honor the results of the upcoming election, his actions speak much louder than his words. And those actions have been undemocratic and downright treasonous.

The growing Incel movement, and what it says of society as a whole


This is nothing to joke about:

“This is a novel, new violent extremist movement born in the internet age, which defies the usual characteristics of violent extremist movements that law enforcement and the intelligence community are usually used to,” said Imran Ahmed, founder and CEO of CCDH, a US-based nonprofit. “Our study shows that it is organized, has a cogent ideology and has clearly concluded that raping women, killing women, and raping children is a clear part of the practice of their ideology.”

In March, the U.S. Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center released a report warning that anti-woman violence was a growing terrorism threat. According to the CCDH analysis, members of the forum post about rape every 29 minutes, and more than 89 percent of posters support rape and say it’s acceptable.

I am generally against censorship in the commons, because a free exchange of opinions (theoretically) helps us determine the boundaries of right and wrong. It also drives some people underground, where they gather (like rats) into fringe groups, giving them a false sense of "power in numbers" which serves to reinforce their anti-social and misogynistic leanings. That being said, online platforms must exercise better censorship methods, because their ability to facilitate and amplify those voices is the equivalent of a PA system in an otherwise docile park:

Hump-Day Handouts


Trump is on the hook for a quarter-billion in fraud restitution:

The lawsuit, filed in New York Supreme Court, is the result of a more than two-year investigation by James and names 23 properties in the Trump Organization portfolio, including his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida, his Seven Springs estate in Westchester County, N.Y., and the D.C. hotel he leased from the federal government until he sold it in May.

“The inflated asset valuations in the Statements cannot be brushed aside or excused as merely the result of exaggeration or good faith estimation about which reasonable real estate professionals may differ,” it says.

Damn right it can't be brushed aside. In just four years, Trump inflated the value of his triplex apartment in Trump Tower from $80 million to $327 million, in order to leverage loans and impress idiots. Here's the complaint if you have the stamina. Speaking of disgusting fraudsters, these crooks stole (another) quarter-billion earmarked for feeding hungry children:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

This needs to be a question asked during their (probably only) debate. And he also needs to be asked why he voted to overturn the will of the people, after a mob of traitors invaded the Capitol Building.


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