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North Carolina politicians: day dreaming on the citizen's dime

The constant consumption of North Carolina's political news can be debilitating. Whether splayed in print across the kitchen table or viewed online, there are times when it is necessary to push the chair back and take a walk around the block; sometimes for days and non-stop. Walks are a good way to clear the clutter. A chance to invigorate, cleanse the mind, renew optimism, and look forward to North Carolina and a new model. But like clowns at a circus or the three headed man or woman along the midway, politicians and their collective attempts to garner attention never takes a day off. So yesterday when I opened the paper, it was if the nightmare had never stopped.

NCGOP and the Richter scale

The only thing worse than a failed "cause" are those that continue to support it. Whether it's puppets, puppeteers, the blind or voters, doom in this sense, has no emotion. And one of the greatest media channels which supports this theory are the daily tweets from the NCGOP.

Charlotte Observer editorial board gets a hit before hook touches water

The Charlotte Observer editorial board inadvertently asked for takers on Saturday in regard to Governor Pat McCrory's Duke stock ownership. Like chum on the crest of a wave off of Cape Lookout, it didn't take long.

I’m a proud native of the City of Charlotte. One of my first jobs was delivering the Observer when I was in junior high school. I attended the public schools and went on to Wake Forest University for undergraduate and law school. After two years in the U.S. Army, I practiced law in Charlotte for 40 years. I even had the honor of serving as president of the Mecklenburg County Bar Association.

I also love our entire state. That’s why I accepted the opportunity to serve as general counsel for our former mayor and current governor, Pat McCrory.

Perception and politics: how a man, his businesses and altruism, changed North Carolina and beyond

People, in most instances, do not experience a transformational awakening when it comes to watching music videos. But music has its place; whether telling a story, making a political statement, or making a yet as defined, point. Yesterday, I attached a music video to the bottom of a post I wrote. And as long as there are politics …….. humor, parody and especially music and their associated videos, will follow and survive. David Robert Jones, to this day, continues to make some people blush. With his attire, hair, makeup, gaze from the stage or music itself, people still, raise their hand to cover their mouth and mutter, "Oh My."

North Carolina's executive space cadet

Suppose you won a million dollars in the lottery. As you ride a wave of giddiness, you head to the local lottery office and present yourself and the winning ticket, to lottery officials. And in exchange, they hand you back a nice, fat check. Suddenly, your eyeballs begin to rotate into the back of your head as you envision marquee lights twirling around that piece of paper. What now? As you clutch that piece of paydirt between your sweaty fingers, you're immediately confronted with important decisions. Call a lawyer, an accountant, or head to your local bank branch and make a deposit? A deposit wins out; the lawyer and accountant can wait. On Main Street in Megalopolis, North Carolina, you find your branch. As you hastily enter the bank, you yank a deposit slip from your check book and scurry to an open teller. At the counter, you are met by a middle aged and bespectacled woman. She's a no nonsense professional in appearance.

Thought this might be of interest

In reference to the North Carolina State Ethics Commission website:

The following:

Statements of Economic Interest

Access to the Statements of Economic Interest through our website is temporarily unavailable. However, you may submit a written public records request to:

SEI@DOA.NC.Gov ; or
State Ethics Commission
1324 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1324

Candy corn, pimps, and Marc Basnight

Anyone who reads the newspaper on a consistent basis usually finds their niche. It might be the front page, the sports page, or the obituaries. For those that read daily, year in and year out, that niche tends to change. The frontpage takes a backseat to letters to the editor, other opinions, or editorials. We eventually become interested in what the newspaper has to say about the news; or people in particular. Like everything else in life, newspapers are not, and should not, be void of opinion; or cheap on heaping praise, especially when it is extraordinarily due. Sister newspapers owned by the same company sometimes tend to vary, both in opinion and editorial. In the case of the News & Observer and Charlotte Observer (McClatchy), that's not readily apparent. On the coast, it's a different animal.

New North Carolina Ethics Commission website allows citizens to check on potential conflicts

A new website launched quietly last month by the State Ethics Commission allows users to look up state officials' potential conflicts of interest.


See it here:

Where's North Carolina?

In the South, or course. While patches of progressives (and progression) dot the landscape though not necessarily in this order; Asheville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro/Winston Salem, New Bern and possibly Wilmington, large areas of the state are in ….. literally, no man's land. The western part of the state gets a healthy dose of its politics from the pew of an evangelical church. The east, from decades of murmurs regarding both Raleigh and the federal government and their decisions, whether it be lack of funding or intrusion and displacement from once inhabited sections of the Outer Banks. The ties that bind however are having, understanding and an appreciation for education. But its more than just a noun. It's the ability to think things through; sometimes sleep on decisions, understand other people through sociology and amassing some degree of knowledge that presents itself, at a moment's notice, during the course of life.


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