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Never underestimate the ability of political fodder

Political advertising in print, on television, or by way of the internets, is usually filled with half lies, a few lies, and full blown propaganda. And almost one hundred percent of the time (with the exception of the often cursory introduction) with a margin of error equal to this space, ----- those same ads are generated towards the opposition. Clever and like minded people rarely, if ever, attempt to eat one of their own. Occasionally it happens and then, the ulterior motive theory exists; especially in regard to absence of information, or excuses for absence of information; or maybe the dog ate it.

Climate, weather? Ask Weir or Tillis

When people speak of North Carolina, the word "moderate" or "moderation" comes to mind. For those seeking to move here and are looking at specific qualities in addition to good schools, roads and the closeness of the beach and mountains, real estate agents in particular will note the "moderate climate"; a good selling point for those wishing to escape cold and harsh winters or boiling summers. Lately, I've come to associate "climate" with rube politicans; of which many reside and or represent urban areas of our state and nation. We are also blessed with bandwidth, pseudo meterologists and politicians; where either a link and or program is only one second away from the next, biblically speaking, climate revelation.

Rapid response to aliens and sorcerers regarding AG Cooper

As I posted last week, Norm Sanderson held a seance at Floyd's 1921 restaurant in Morehead City. In an upstairs room, mysterious concoctions boiled under the glow of candlelight while premonition(s) were murmured with an undecipherable tongue. Welcome to politics along the North Carolina coast. Where the mating of blue crabs under a full moon and Andromedans surfing on the backs of dolphins through Beaufort Inlet are a common occurrence.

Euphoric zealots threaten to impeach AG Cooper

If there has been any remaining doubt about what a vast majority of North Carolinians voted into office, those lingering questions can be put to bed. Many thought it was Republican versus Democrat. You were fooled. And cheerfully, many ran eagerly to scrape the bubbling effluent off of an already overflowing septic tank, put in a vase, and set it up on the mantel; where glowing admiration would never be too far away.

MOREHEAD CITY — Republicans in the N.C. General Assembly plan to overrule or impeach the state’s attorney general following his statements on the recent appellate court ruling overturning a ban on same-sex marriages in Virginia.

Make no mistake; you didn't vote Republican. You voted for stinking crap.

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Quotes trek Hov 10 yor


While North Carolina currently enjoys a AAA credit rating from Standard and Poor's, it potentially could come to this:

TOPEKA — News that the state’s credit rating had been downgraded put a damper on Gov. Sam Brownback and U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts’ Republican unity celebration Wednesday morning.

Standard & Poor’s lowered Kansas’ bond rating to AA from AA+, citing the state’s unbalanced budget caused by income tax cuts signed into law in 2012. Though the state’s bond rating is still high, the downgrade is a signal to investors that Kansas bonds are a riskier investment than they were before the tax cuts.

"The downgrades reflect our view of a structurally unbalanced budget, following state income tax cuts that have not been matched with offsetting ongoing expenditure cuts in the fiscal 2015 budget," said Standard & Poor's credit analyst David Hitchcock in a release.
S & P also downgraded the state’s appropriation-secured debt to AA- from AA.

A primer for McCrory's re-election campaign

Many months ago, a good tactician should have implored Pat McCrory to do the following: don't be a disingenuous, reactive, frat boy, tail wagging, hypocrite. Instead, come out of the gate and remind North Carolinians why you should and did vote for me to be Governor of North Carolina. Remind North Carolinians that you are on the same page as members who overwhelmingly control the General Assembly; and are a majority of that majority from the rural backwoods of The Old North State. Then and only then, the current acrimony between the executive and legislative branches of government might appear more palatable.

Lipstick on a Carteret County pig?

There's nothing like a good old fashioned sanctimonious politician patting him or herself on the back after trudging through a budget debate. In the end, there are the usual self congratulatory back slaps and comments while highlighting that the battle was worse than Iwo Jima.

North Carolina Republicans right-wing ideologues campaigned on pounding the state back into the 19th century and they followed through. In red Carteret County, Norm Sanderson didn't miss an opportunity to exalt his contribution(s). Quoted in the Carteret News Times, Sanderson made his case while emphasizing the trials and tribulations, necessary to move government completely backwards; "N.C. budget details entrails emerge"

Virginia Foxx's Sugar Daddy

, Corinthian Colleges, appears to be in hot water and for Foxx, the money spigot may be drying up. According to an article in the New York Times dated July 4, 2014, Corinthian has allegedly lied to "students and investors about job placement rates for its graduates and about its financial condition." In 2013, the California Attorney General brought suit. On July 8, 2014, the New York Times editorial board wrote an opinion about the for profit college collapse.


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