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Impossible you say? I don't think so.

In my many years of watching crap ooze from Jones Street, I'd be remiss in thinking I've both seen and heard it all. From Neal Hunt-R and his 75 MPH (excessive speed) bill to the idiots who proposed tolling the majority of North Carolina's ferries, Jim Black-D still holds the record for the most self-righteous legislation in recent memory. Known as the "Payback My Optometrists' Friends Bill", Black proposed having mandating that every child in North Carolina, upon entering school, have an eye exam. Of course these exams would be given by the very same people that got Black elected in the first place; a sort of refilling of pockets previously emptied for political contributions. And as disingenuous as he was obvious, Black, just like his legislation, would soon go up in flames.

Queen Puppet and her "brilliance"

... are truly too much to behold.

By now we all know that North Carolina is another $60,000,000.00 in the hole because of Wos and the "DHHS Plan." As outlined in an editorial from the Charlotte Observer, the math seems simple; or does it?

Simply put, according to the editorial, here’s how the plan would work:

North Carolina would tax 10 managed-care organizations that provide behavioral health services to mentally ill or developmentally disabled Medicaid recipients. Those “assessments” would bring in $90 million for the state and allow it to draw down an additional $60 million in matching federal funds. The state would then give the $90 million back to the managed-care organizations and pocket the $60 million from the feds. Budget woes, solved.

Magazine Ranks North Carolina Number Four In Right Wing Political Ideology Business Climate

When people talk about businesses and business climate, never underestimate what it is, exactly, they're talking about. It's not the mom and pop businesses in North Carolina and across the nation; the ones that overwhelmingly are the greatest job creators. It's not the businesses for which many are on a shoestring budget, a namesake in a community, a passion or dream which is, or has come to, fruition. No, it's the big boys. And deep pocketed, politically influencing big boys.

Another magazine, another ranking. North Carolina gets top billing for 2014 based on "Passes tax-reform package hailed as by some as any state’s best in two decades." Or "Areas in North Carolina like Raleigh, Charlotte, Cary, Chapel Hill and Durham have been great places for technology companies. The workforce in these areas have very talented candidates. The western part of the state does not fair as well.”

Did you buy any Aqua America Inc. (WTR-NYSE) stock today?

Maybe a portfolio rebalance is in order. The stock (WTR) is currently trading at $25.14; down 0.19 with a volume of 153,010 and a dividend of 0.15.

From the Triangle Business Journal dated May 3, 2005: "Aqua America Inc. said Tuesday that its subsidiaries have made three small acquisitions in North Carolina worth about $250,000. The acquisitions were made by Aqua's North Carolina subsidiaries, Cary-based Aqua North Carolina Inc. and Heater Utilities Inc."

And then bits and pieces started flowing (literally) from the spigot.

"The homes north of Interstate 540 are among Wake County's most expensive -- and, this summer, may be among the driest. Because of policies designed to discourage high-density construction near Falls Lake, these neighborhoods are not hooked up to Raleigh's water system. Instead, they get their water from wells."

Keeping 'Em Stupid, Barefoot And Pregnant In North Carolina; The Internet(s), And NC GOP's Worst Nightmare


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