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Dow Jones at 5-year Low. Free Market Deregulation = Fail.



Not since October, 2003 has the stock market been at this point. MSNBC and others are still saying 4 years. 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. I count 5 years of growth gone, thanks to deregulation and the lack of a guiding hand by the government and not the mythical free market.

WASHINGTON — The chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, a longtime proponent of deregulation, acknowledged on Friday that failures in a voluntary supervision program for Wall Street’s largest investment banks had contributed to the global financial crisis, and he abruptly shut the program down.

McCrory on health care, a photocopy of....John McCain?

John McCain has a lousy health care plan. A lousy plan. As Joe Biden described last night.

Pat McCrory supports this fantasy, free-market health care plan, and what's more he thinks that when you do go into the open market there shouldn't be "mandates". Right, because mandates are like taxes - they are the boogey man. Or, are they?

Mayors from around the state endorse Beverly Perdue

Beverly Perdue is in the fight of her life, isn't she? Mayor's from all around North Carolina are stepping up to fight for Beverly Perdue, from Asheville to New Bern, local officials are saying that Bev is best for the job.

"Bev Perdue has proven herself to be responsive to our needs and to have a deep understanding of the many different issues facing the many different parts of North Carolina," said Terry Bellamy, Mayor of Asheville.

Added Mayor Yvonne Johnson of Greensboro, "North Carolina needs a governor who will unite all parts of our state, urban and rural, east and west, coast and mountain - and that's exactly what Bev Perdue will do."

Knocking on Doors in Orange County

Just thought I would share the email that I just sent out to my precinct. I hope that everyone in Orange County reading this will get out for at least one canvass this weekend. Every door, every voter. President Obama, Senator Hagan, Congressmen Hayes and Carter.

Greetings all!

Dogwood Acres ended up with at least 20 TEAMS of door knockers last Sunday. Incredible! From the campaign email below:

Last weekend “100,000 Knocks for Barack” was a complete success! We knocked on over 6000 doors in Orange County alone and over 107,000 statewide!

Your work and the strength of North Carolina Democrats is making the nation stand up and take notice:

Who is the bigger priss?

Remember when primping was wrong?

Political candidates of all stripes want to show off their big ideas, superior intellect, uncommon leadership skills. But they also spend a lot of time making clear their ability to relate to the average man. That's what all the diner visits, rolled-up sleeves and folksy talk are meant to do. A $400 haircut isn't folksy. And it doesn't matter who's paying for it.

McCain calls it quits.

John McCain has made bungle after mistake after faux pas while dealing with this financial crisis. So, it only makes sense that he would turn quitter, because when the going gets tough, Republicans run and hide. Don't believe me? Just go to the secret bunker and ask Lying Liddy Dole.

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John McCain suspends campaigning to work on economy, requests postponing Friday debate; asks Obama do the same.


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