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Preventing STDs using cheeseburgers

Everyone loves cheeseburgers, well, okay not everyone. For instance, I don't really love cheeseburgers. But, the point remains that most kids love cheeseburgers and if you keep them thinking about cheeseburgers then they won't have sex. If they eat cheeseburgers, then they won't have sex. If they don't have sex they won't catch STDs.


So simple that it is the hypothesis upon which $1.5 BILLION in abstinence-only sexual education is based. Unlike the cheeseburger hypothesis, which would actually take into account how kids think, abstinence-only is a complete failure.

Women Rule in North Carolina

And, I mean that Literally.

I was starting to put together a review of the races for myself and was immediately struck by something that I already knew, but maybe had forgotten or not put enough thought into. Women stand a good chance of controlling most of North Carolina Democratic Politics this year. Go below the fold for a quick list of key women and the races they are running.

Monday Open Thread

The lesson of Katrina that matters the most is that the promise of federal assistance that will likely never materialize can be as destructive as the initial disaster...

What residents need in this maw of confusion is certainty. They need to know which roads will be rebuilt, and when the power and water will come back online. They need to know that the rule of law will be enforced. In short, they need to know what economists call the "rules of the game" for rebuilding.

Dear Senator Hagan.

I don't want to like you. You defeated my candidate, but that isn't why. I don't want to like you because of what you did several budget cycles ago, penning a secret Senate budget that came out with cuts in Medicaid for old, blind, disabled people so that wealthy people could get a tax cut.

It was immoral, and that is why I don't want to like you.

But, you're just making it too not like you.

When cost neutral becomes -$42 Billion and why

A fiscal analysis of SB 840 (Kuehl), which would establish in California a single-payer health care system and its companion financing mechanism. (PDF)

Fiscal Projection Overview. We estimated the revenues and costs of the [single-payer plan] for 5.5 years.. Our estimate indicates that that the SPP would result in a net shortfall of $42 billion in 2011-12 (the first full year of operations) and $46 billion in 2015-16.

Wow. Single-payer in California will cost the state $42 billion in its first year, this is much different than the analysis done five years ago by The Lewin Group where the program rolled out as cost neutral. What happened and is it the death knell of single-payer in California?

Update on Health Care for All leaves me dejected

Given the recent activities of the North Carolina Senate, cowing to the real estate agents, I have little hope that they will stand up for the working class in North Carolina. The working class are those who are most hard hit by being uninsured and underinsured, it's not the guy making $80,000 a year who decides not to be insured. It's the guy that has two kids and is working a full-time blue collar job. The guy who has seen his winter heat bill quadruple, his gas bill triple, his food bill double, and his health insurance costs grow steeper and steeper for less and less coverage.


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