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Discussing Social Media Using Janet Cowell's Ad/Facebook Status Update

This is how new media works. I open my browser and see that I have ten "Facebook Friends" online and what their status messages are currently. Janet and/or staff is smart enough to write "is watching my new ad:" as her status message. Click, Click. Here you go.

The Chronicle Endorses Dan Besse

Just received this email from the Besse campaign, it seems that "one of North Carolina's leading African-American owned and published newspapers, has just endorsed Dan Besse for Lieutenant Governor!" That would be The Chronicle. Their endorsement:

"The crowded Democratic field for Lieutenant Governor doesn't have a shortage of qualified candidates either, but our choice is clear. Dan Besse has been a community-minded, dedicated member of the Winston-Salem City Council for more than six years and will bring those same qualities and more to the office of lieutenant governor.
Too many of those seeking elected office today, do so for personal glory and their own egos. Besse is what an elected official should be. Helping to make his city and state and the people who reside in them better are Besse's only motivations. In the race for lieutenant governor, Besse doesn't have the most campaign money or name recognition, but he has the most heart and the most zeal to work hard for the residents of North Carolina."

NC-Sen: Neal vs. Hagan on Iraq: You vs. DSCC

There has been much written about this race. Jim Neal is a successful businessman with progressive ideals who is willing to fight for what he believes. Kay Hagan is a corporate Democrat that is most famous in North Carolina for proposing a budget that cut Medicaid to the blind, elderly, and seniors while also cutting taxes for corporations and citizens making over $250,000. However, the DSCC has decided that Kay Hagan is their candidate. Take this little info that was slipped into a blog by well-respected North Carolina Journalist and Blogger Mark Binker:

Staff. Hagan and Neal have a blend of professional and volunteer staff that organize meet-and-greets, run the website, spin reporters, network, fundraise and do all the grunt work of a campaign...Hagan is rolling with DSCC-vetted staffers and Neal has hired an outside consultant with experience running "outsider" campaigns.

The DSCC has made their choice, but after the break I want to further introduce you to Kay Hagan and why YOU need to back the Ned Lamont of 2008, the Jon Tester of 2008 - Jim Neal.

I came, I saw, I convened. (OCDP Convention w/vids and pics)

I had a great time. The videos were just a few people that I bumped into early in the event, the pics are from throughout the event. Having done this I can only say "Bravo, Frank!" Highlights of the day were getting to meet with Robin Anderson and this young campaign guru she has working for her, talking about Orange County's "Victory Fund", and shouting out "Call the Question!" as often as possible.

Without further ado, here are a couple videos that I recorded and some photos. I swear I'm not normally so high-pitched! I think I was a little nervous, even though that is a bit silly.

Now THIS is a corporate Democrat I can support.

Below you will see what a true corporate Democrat looks like. A Democrat who has been a successful businessperson, but who still holds true to Progressive values. There doesn't have to be a disconnect between pro-business and pro-people. Wow, I just saw the last minute of this video while I was writing, you don't want to miss it. I can't wait to watch the entire forum!

NC Sen: Hagan lies about minimum wage battle

I get so sick of the niceties when it comes to campaign lies. They aren't distortions, they are lies. The video after the break is Kay Hagan's first commercial, which in addition to being a boring biographical commercial is also spreading the lie that she "brought change, raising the minimum wage". Kay Hagan is one three Senators that controls the purse strings in North Carolina, the same purse strings that sought to cut Medicaid services to the blind and elderly while bringing shockingly high tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations. With that control Kay Hagan sought to cripple the benefits of the minimum wage increase through a Republican tactic that was pioneered by....are you ready for this.....Elizabeth Dole.

If you want a corporate Democrat that will stand up for profits over people, then by all means support the status quo and support Kay Hagan. But, if you want a progressive Democrat to win in North Carolina, then it is up to you to support Jim Neal.


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