Can I see your pee-pee?

Of all the pressing questions facing the good citizens of North Carolina, it's hard to imagine that this most crushing intrusion into a person's very own identity would somehow rise to the top of the list of issues on the minds of the two most powerful men in our legislature. But there it is. Again.

What must these men be doing with their time? Playing with themselves? What must their families be feeling as a result of their obvious obsession with other people and their sexuality? What gives them the right to think they know better than individuals and their families when it comes to planning something as far-reaching and personal as their identity? Did their mommies fail to breast feed them? Did they come up short in the penis department? Did they get laughed out of the locker room? Exactly what possessed them to spend half of their adult lives fucking with the lives of boys and girls struggling with issues they clearly know nothing about?

Worse yet, why would they chart a course to demonize young people who are already suffering countless problems because the good lord saw fit to give them a confused set of genes? How dare they try to intervene in what is obviously god's will?

There ought to be a law against allowing legislators to compensate for their own inadequacies by running roughshod over vulnerable young people. There ought to be a law against whiny little pricks like Bergermoore having any say at all about how other people live their lives.



It's all they've got

They don't know how to build things, they only know how to tear them down. Policies or people, it's all the same to the GOP. And when it pleases 40% (if not higher) of the population to viciously attack a much smaller percent, they can't wait to play that ugly card.

And they will keep doing it as long as it wins them elections.