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    Or uglier, anyway. A lot of these partisan poll watchers Republicans deploy are the cream of the conspiracy theorist crop, on a crusade to find widespread fraud that doesn't exist. The last thing they need is more power and numbers inside the polling area.

    If you see something, say something, even if it's not you that is being harassed. Do both of these two things: notify the chief judge (every polling site has one) of what you observed, and call 888-OUR-VOTE (888-687-8683) to report it to Democracy NC to be sure it gets reported properly.

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    if we had a Senator who was that thoughtful and intelligent?

  • Reply to: Justin Parmenter on the GOP's "indoctrination" conspiracy theory   1 day 5 hours ago

    It's long past time for the left to look at this issue and conclude that the Republicans are wanting to "punish" teachers or push their own ideological agenda on kids.

    Someone is profiting from all this.

    At the heart of all this is a desire by the Repbublicans to expand vouchers for religious and private schools. And, at the heart of it, are people who will profit from it that own private schools or religious schools and publish and promote right-wing and religious instructional material and software.

    This is a taxpayer-funded grift. That's all it is.

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    True....again I speak from emotion which I need to be more cognizant of.

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    With, as you pointed out earlier, the Legislature celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week by trying to pass a bill that is both unnecessary and puts a huge burden on teachers and schools, it's long past time that we reminded them that not only are there a lot of teachers but that we have wide support from the public, including most of their own constituents. Seeing 10s of thousands marching on their doorstep is the message they need to receive, not the cherry-picked garbage that will come out of Robinson, McNeely, and the other conspiracy theorists hunkered down in their own party. It will also stiffen the spines of Legislative Democrats to resist this nonsense and uphold a veto from Gov. Cooper.