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  • Reply to: WaPo takes a look at Anderson Clayton   11 hours 3 min ago

    She’s the real deal. Seriously. I was extremely impressed.

    PS. Has anyone heard rumblings that the legislator who missed the veto override vote is having an affair with Tim Moore? Just a scurrilous rumor?

    These days, I don’t trust anything.

  • Reply to: Dale Folwell: Vote for me. I’m not insane.   1 day 14 hours ago

    The GOP primary will come down to this question: Who do GOP voters hate more, queers or blacks?

    If GOP voters hate queers more, they'll vote for Robinson, who has built his appeal on demonizing gay people.

    If GOP voters hate blacks more, they'll vote for Folwell because he's white and they can't stand the idea of some big ol' black dude callin' the shots.

    Time will tell.

  • Reply to: Dale Folwell: Vote for me. I’m not insane.   1 day 14 hours ago

    Folwell’s announcement over the weekend caused immediate ripples in state politics.

    Mecklenburg County Rep. John Bradford, the only remaining Republican to represent the Charlotte area in the legislature, quickly announced he's strongly considering a run for treasurer next year, to replace Folwell.

    Another prominent Republican lawmaker lamented what he sees as an all-but-guaranteed loss for Folwell, if Robinson also gets into the race.

    Robeson County Sen. Danny Britt wrote on Twitter that “there is not a soul that can beat Lt. Governor Robinson in a primary. We will lose what has been a fiscally strong Treasurer who will be nothing more than a speed bump in the primary. It will be a complete stomp down.”

    His tweet was “not an insult” to Folwell, Britt added. “Just facts.”

    GOP insiders have said Robinson’s comments about the LGBTQ community could hurt his chances to become governor and potentially hinder North Carolina's ability to recruit businesses. Nonetheless, likely Republican voters view Robinson more favorably than other possible GOP candidates.

    Despite being a political newcomer in 2020, Robinson beat numerous well known Republican politicians in that year’s primary for lieutenant governor. He easily won the nine-person race; the second-place finisher received fewer than half as many votes as Robinson.

  • Reply to: Sunday News: From the Editorial Pages   3 days 20 hours ago

    We gathered yesterday to dedicate the bridge pictured above for my Brother-In-Law Haley Burch who passed away last year from cancer. We joked about whether it was safe for all of us to stand on said bridge for this picture, but Haley built it to last for a long time, so it didn't even creak under all the weight. I'm second from the left, and most of the rest of the folks are Mountains-To-Sea Trail volunteers and Piedmont Land Conservancy people, who have given thousands of hours of often back-breaking labor to craft and maintain these trails for us to enjoy.

    Many reading this will already know what I'm about to tell you, but for those who don't, lend me an ear. Eye. Whatever:

    Taking a walk in the woods is hands-down the best therapy you can attain. The simplicity of one foot after the other is calming, but that is only a tiny fraction of what goes on mentally and physically when you do this. The smells of industrial society are gone, replaced by a freshness that has to be experienced to be recognized. The sounds are wildly different, too. There are no Machines growling or whining, no horns honking, no arguments raging. Just the wind blowing through the trees, and birds going about their business. And the sights? Life is everywhere. Majestic, century-old trees, down to tiny saplings just starting out. Tiny fish in tiny streams, hiding behind moss and lichen. Metamorphic rocks hinting at geologic activity millions of years ago.

    Every step exposes countless wonders, and eases the burdens heaped on your back. It can not only extend your life via exercise and stress reduction, but it also makes that life worth extending, if that makes any sense.

    Go take a hike. While you still can.

  • Reply to: Virginia Supreme Court tosses "Zoom" zoning changes   4 days 18 hours ago

    that would allow lawmakers to issue special "fast passes" to certain reporters or lobbyists to gain entrance to the Legislature. Which begs the question, what happens to the ones who don't get these fancy passes? Delayed access, or access to a limited area?

    No good can come of it.