Back to the future in North Carolina

Apparently HB 2 is not a big deal. Though from a discussion perspective, it has set North Carolina on fire. We only have to look at the comments section of statewide (television) online news sources for confirmation. More importantly, articles from the state’s largest newspapers.

Many years ago Charlotte was, well Charlotte. Situated in the southwestern part of the state, this pre-Panthers, pre-Hornets city was primarily known (still is) for NASCAR, Lexington style barbecue, finance and an eye on Atlanta. Myrtle Beach and Rock Hill, South Carolina were more in tune with Charlotte than Charlotte was in tune with North Carolina. With regard to the news, the advent of online media (among other things) and the combination of The News and Observer and the Charlotte Observer under the McClatchy Company roof have allowed both papers to serve each other. This past week, the not so creative and thought provoking side of both papers provided articles regarding HB 2. The News and Observer gave us a piece by John L. Rustin of the N.C. Family Policy Council while the Charlotte Observer delivered a senseless article entitled, “Updated list: Who has spoken for, against NC’s new LGBT law.” And that Google, Salesforce and Microsoft are against HB 2 while Gretchen, Tate, God’s Glamorous Girls ..... and Gregory Humphrey, Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning, are for HB 2. Another article on that very same day appears to discount the importance of a threat versus action; a squall versus a storm. For readers, the last few paragraphs show the true antithesis of present day North Carolina.

That might explain why McCrory seems to be digging in on HB 2. If he tried to reverse course, a non-compliant legislature would make him look both waffly and weak. The governor had his chance to be a leader. Now he’s back in the sidecar, going wherever Berger wants to go. For now, that means going nowhere. Still, the LGBT community has to be heartened by the volume of this week’s support, something that was hard to imagine even less than a decade ago. But it’s not enough. Not yet. Not with a governor and lawmakers stuck even further back in time.

While Thomas Jefferson reportedly said: “I tremble for my country when I think we may in fact get the kind of leaders we deserve”, an argument can be made that no framer of the United States Constitution ever envisioned (to this degree) or spent an extended amount of time with those from the American backwater. And only if they had, there is plausible reason to believe that the 1st Amendment (as it pertains to freedom of the press) and the 2nd Amendment, would have involved more scrutiny.

For now, there is ample reason to believe that HB 2 might be considered sane compared to the future. And while the Charlotte Observer helped deliver Pat McCrory to North Carolina, the thought of a repeat is truly nauseating.

A nemesis of the Republican Party are facts and their mechanism of delivery. As of yet, a full throttled assault has not taken place. So instead of perfunctory articles and or opinions from our state’s largest newspapers, it might be time to get serious. Where what was once deemed unfathomable, has now become reality.