Hitching a ride (on the salvation gravy train)

This is what North Carolina and now the nation continually have to put up with.

By Dave Kistler | June 13, 2016
As the magnitude of the Orlando terror attack begins to more thoroughly sink in, many are asking what should be the appropriate response to this horrific incident? More specifically, what should be the response of Christians to this murderous act? To go right to the heart of the question, “What would Jesus say about Orlando?”


But not to be outdone, the One America News Network (cable news) has surpassed Fox News (especially with commentary) as the most right wing television source to date. Fox News now look likes MSNBC in comparison. Some are thrilled.

“If you take the channel lineup, the sources of national news tend to lean to the left... and all we have is Fox.” That’s what OAN Network president Charles Herring said when he and his father, CEO Robert Herring Sr., announced OAN in 2013. There’s more demand than Fox News can meet, and these wealthy, conservative San Diegans were going to increase the supply. They also named their journalism partner: the Washington Times, which Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee always called “the Moonie paper.”

God works in mysterious ways.