Liar-in-Chief implicated in Seth Rich conspiracy theory

Methinks he doth protest against fake news too much:

An investigator who worked on the Seth Rich case claims Fox News fabricated quotes implicating the murdered Democratic National Committee staffer in the WikiLeaks scandal and that President Donald Trump pressured Fox to publish the story. The investigator, Rod Wheeler, sued Fox for defamation on Tuesday.

Wheeler, a Fox contributor who looked into Rich’s July 2016 murder for the family, said Fox made up quotes attributed to him saying there was contact between Rich and WikiLeaks, and that someone — possibly Democrats or Hillary Clinton’s campaign — was blocking the murder investigation. Rich was killed in what Washington police believe was a botched robbery. The lawsuit said Trump pushed to get the story out. There was no immediate response from Fox or the White House.

Like any good conspiracy theory, you have to have a compelling motive upon which to build your fiction. In this case, it was fabricating a connection between Seth Rich and Wikileaks. Couldn't go forward without that. And make no mistake, Trump needed that false narrative badly, after telling Hillary Clinton (on national television, no less) that he was going to put her in jail. It's absurdity on top of absurdity with this administration, and we are at risk of arriving at a new norm where the truth has been so eclipsed by fiction we might not recognize the truth on the rare occasion it surfaces. But you know what? We asked for it. We watched as a candidate continuously lied during the campaign, and instead of escorting him off the stage, we put him in the White House. You're upset I'm using the pronoun "we" instead of "they"? Good. Stay upset.



Profane rant, read at your own risk:

I saw a few rabid anti-Hillary Dems take up this "Seth Rich murdered by DNC!" bullshit for a short period of time, before their shrunken wits caught up with them. But I saw a hell of a lot more who put Hillary and Trump in the same box, with the "No good choice" attitude. Here are a few observations about that:

So, you voted for Hillary, but told your friends and others you had to "hold your nose" to do that, or that she was the slightly lesser of two evils, or something along those lines. Good for you! Now those people think you're a smart shopper, that you're not a partisan puppet dancing at the strings of the Establishment.

But also, fuck you.

Those people needed to hear that Hillary Clinton would make a far better President than Donald Trump; that she would work to preserve the social safety net, safeguard the environment, make the DOJ continue to pursue justice and not injustice, and a whole host of other issues. But instead, you told them she was just as bad as Trump. You're an idiot.

Or maybe you did this: You voted for Hillary, but you told your friends and others that a Trump win was what the Establishment brought upon itself, what it deserved for not listening to the people. And that a Trump Presidency might actually be a good thing, motivate enough people to get involved and rebuild the Democratic Party into what it should be. Good for you! Now those people think you're smart, that you really understand politics.

But also, fuck you.

Those people should have been scared shitless about what could happen if Donald Trump made it to the White House, but now they see every outrageous and dangerous thing he does as some sort of building block towards a newer and brighter future. A fantasy future you created for them. You're an idiot.

I've tried over the last few years to be a peacemaker, to bring Democrats together in an effort to try and work together instead of tearing each other apart. And I am exhausted. Those of you who keep threatening to break off from the party, start your own "movement" to radically alter the political environment, just fucking do it. But don't order more than three pizzas for your meetings, unless you plan to take some slices home afterwards.

I was cheering you on!

Damn - I still get mad at those folks who demonized Hills. I had one supposed DEMOCRAT use a BREITBART post to support his (idiotic!) position. Breitbart!

Thank you! :)

It helps to vent, from time to time. It also keeps me from going after people personally in places like Facebook, where some folks I know like to post outrageous stuff just to see how many "likes" they can get for being a Rebel.

I can scan past a few of them by thinking, "Just don't," but it eventually catches up to me...


What really pisses me off are the ones claiming their conscience would not allow them to vote for Clinton. But their conscience was okay with sitting back and allowing a candidate win who vowed to cut health insurance to 20 million people, gut environmental safeguards, end abortion rights, permit discrimination against people due to sexual preferences and identity, religion, skin color or national origin, cut taxes on the rich and many more repressive actions. They have a screwed up sense of what a conscience should be. They looked real injustice in the eye and pretended it didn't exist. What they have done is help defeat the one person standing in the way of the disaster known as Trump. And some continue to ignore the real enemy, the GOP, preferring to fight fellow Democrats.

More of this please

More of this please. The people around me have gotten entirely too fucking nice and complacent about putting up with the crap coming out of Raleigh and Washington. Somebody's got a raise hell, so it might as well be us.